"Old-School" Technique to bypass character limit on Twitter?

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Hi guys.

I just read an article where a member of a rookie girl group in South Korea wrote a letter and posted it on twitter. She said she had to because she had a lot of things to say and twitter has a character limit.

So here's the image (the letter is in plain, layman English):

BPPOP to have a comeback soon

What do you think of this girl's ingenuity?
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    Nice! I think it is Great! I would like to know how to post a letter on twitter lol. Even though I barely write tweets on there I mostly just share haha.

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    Twitter linked to the letter. Like a website or any other image.
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    Well, I guess twitter is not for storytelling and writing. You are limited only; how can you write a novel on the site just to post it? If she really wants to write something long, she can make a personal blog for all what she want to write. Twitter is for updates of actions and activities of the day.
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