How many words is a short report?

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Hi guys,

I was just wondering about how many words or pages does a short report contain?

I am looking to create a short report for my blog and place it on my blog's landing main page.

Any answer will be appreciated!
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    There's no set minimum or maximum. It's up to you. I have seen reports that are 20 pages and ebooks that are 5 pages.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
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    I was going to say what Laurence said. Just to add something to it, I have learned some killer stuff from 5 page reports.

    As long as you deliver what you promise, I don't think there has to be a set number of pages.
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    there is no maximum or minimum. That terpeting was complete and could help others who are looking for such info.
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    Well, it could be as short as it takes to get all your points across. For some it might mean 10 and for others 20.

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    You need map out your document. It depends on how good you are at getting your point across, if you struggle with explaing things, then the report will be longer. Try and be concise (value = quality not quantity). If I were to write a report.. Iwould be looking to write 7-10 pages offering good value
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    Whatever it requires to get the point across, and add value.

    If you pad the report to make up the page, it could turn something from brilliant to complete rubbish.

    Martin Platt

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    It really depends on how many pages it takes to thoroughly cover the topic. I think the standard report length is around 5 pages. But if you really want to provide value your report should be longer. It is entirely up to you.
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    The best way to approach this is to mindmap your report and outline exactly what needs to be included in the report.

    Write down your headings and sub headings and then write each section under those headings.

    Then create any diagrams, screenshots that may be required and insert them into the relevant places.

    If you focus too much on "word count" you can end up writing a report that has too much fluff and filler content.

    Keep your report focuses and to the point. Not everyone likes to read 80 page reports. If you can cover your topic, method or anythinbg else in 5-8 pages then some readers will love you for that.

    Short and to the point with an easy to follow and digest structure is better than a "looong" report that loses their interest part way through.
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    I think it is not quantity, but quality that counts.
    However, too short reports may not be very convincing and may lack essential info. On the other hand, too long reports can get boring.
    The idea is to stick to the subject and imagine what you would like to read about your blog, for instance.
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