Do you prefer to earn from one website or many?

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Just curious as to what the community at the WF feel about this,

I personally just like to stick to one idea/website and build it into a big earner rather than having multiple website/niches to bog me down, I use to run multiple small niche websites but I never got fully comfortable in what I was doing, after a while I decided to move to a niche which actually interested me and that I believed in, I invested alot in my main site and it sure has paid off me me

I still have some of my old sites but they don't even make up 5% of the earnings my main site brings in
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    At one point in time, I was up to around 60 domains, which I had great ideas for. But, obviously there is only so much time in a day and I couldn't develop all of these sites like I wanted.

    Over the course of the past year, I have dwindled down the amount of websites I work on to 7. I think that it is important to focus on larger, more authoritative sites as opposed to many smaller sites.
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    For me many websites and many different business models.

    I don't feel safe putting all my eggs into one basket.

    As for managing many sites, well it takes a bit time to develope a system and get use to.

    Everyday todo lists helps a lot

    But that's just me..
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      I don't believe in having multiple sites up, maybe a couple at best. I have two websites up right now. One is a video tutorial site and another is a personal blog. I plan on making money with the video site from multiple sources. Either becoming a reseller for certain software, selling digital content online or personal teaching/classes.

      For my blog I intend to inform others of everything I'm learning through IM and how I went about earning money with it. Then I'll have affiliates for stuff I've used and support.

      I'd like to focus on those two to make them really incredible places. Not to say I don't have other ideas for making money but I think it's fine to have one or two websites up that have multiple streams of income.
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    Keeping too many sites ended with ranking one or two sites absolutely waste of time and money.I always keep 5-10 sites and work on them to get ranked and many times I succeed with this method.Earlier I had more than 40 sites most of them outranked.
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      I like to diversify, that way if one goes down the whole ship doesn't. This applies to my income as a whole, I own some offsite businesses as well.

      I fix WordPress problems, PM me if you need help

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    If you are a niche mrketer - many. If you have a solid business selling let's say SEO services - one. It really all depends on your form of marketing. Both work great.
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    I prefer 4-5 large authority sites and about 20-30 small sites.

    The benefit of having several small sites is that you can use them to link to your authority sites (you have to use different IPs, etc..).

    It's easy to get high rankings in Google once you understand how it all works.

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    Putting all eggs in one basket can be very tricky. Any kind of accident can ruin everything. So, it is good to have some other resources as backups. This is my personal point of view.
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    Do I want to earn money from one website or many? Neither. I want to earn money from a couple, ideally. Maybe two to four, to be exact. I have my reasons for this.

    More importantly, I would rather earn money from more than one source, rather than just one.
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    I always said to myself, if I can't earn money with ONE site how the hell am I going to earn money with MANY sites...?
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    Personally I prefer not just to have one website that earns money, but to really break out into different niches of internet marketing. Certainly 66%+ of your time should be spent in one discipline but you have to position yourself as an expert in the entire genre as opposed to being a one-trick-pony. Nevertheless, I'd definitely say even if you focused on one niche you absolutely should have more than one site!!! Too many things can happen to that one site that would take you from hero to zero overnight.
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    I prefer few quality websites...

    My Games: stickman
    - Kung fu Games

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    I say, when starting, build one and only work on one until it works or is where you want it to be. Once you have one site that you can ignore and get passive income from then move on to the next, and so always one at a time
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    I'm earning from multiple sites because all of the tasks are outsourcing. Therefore, I don't need to interest in any niches to make money except my outsourcers.
    I just wanna tell you that most of the links in the signature are trash and/or a trap to make you pay!
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    I have an authority website, a store, and a personal website. My intention is not to be an internet marketer but to promote only my work. I don’t know how to deal with many websites.

    I believe that it’s very hard to deal with an authority website. You have to really know your topic. You have to work on something you know and you like. Otherwise, you won't bear it.

    For example, I was making money by selling articles at Constant Content, but internet marketing is not my topic. I simply was doing it because I saw that it was easy to make money online by selling things related to making money online. I was selling only articles about internet marketing.

    In the beginning I liked to learn more about internet marketing in order to write good articles for my clients, and at the same time learn more about how to make money with my own business, but at a certain point I was fed up.

    I don’t like internet marketing. I like to talk about it until certain point. It’s a nice and pleasant topic, but not so interesting for me. And this occupation was taking too much of my time, while I could make a lot more working on my own field.

    I abandoned the easy money I was making because I want to make money by selling my own products and the service I provide. I was merely wasting my time with internet marketing only because it seemed to be so simple. Of course it’s harder to achieve my goal, but this is why I’m here. I understood that I had to be loyal to my initial intention.

    Without passion you cannot go on. You have to do something you will bear to do forever if you want to keep a website about a certain important topic online. You have to do something you really trust because you will have to work too hard for it.

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    In IM if you are holding onto one source of biz., you are gone. You always need multiple sources of earnings
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