Does Amazon affiliate review sites still work?

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I know this may be a silly questions but id like the the opinions of everyone.

There's so much useless information or unverified information around on the net these days unfortunately.

For instance, Google doesn't like review sites with affiliate links to Amazon products and in turn you will find it hard to rank for a site which is promoting products.

On another note, reviewing these products is sometimes pretty hard to do based on the fact that it helps if you have the product, unless you read a review then write it in your own words. But your basically copying the idea and competing against those sites.

Any tips or advice from anyone who has review sites for products on Amazon, general guidance on what i should be focusing on would be helpful.

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    As long as people are still buying stuff from Amazon I would assume that their affiliate program would continue to be profitable.

    Also, SEO doesn't have to be your only traffic source. For example, you could make review videos about the Amazon products you're promoting. And you could even stick the affiliate links in the video description and scrap the review site altogether.

    There are many ways to promote Amazon products.
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      I'd rather not think of it as an "amazon" review site.

      They're simply review sites that happen to link to products that are on Amazon or anywhere for that matter.

      And review sites can/do rank well. People like review sites. They like seeing product comparisons. And how the products hold up.

      If people like them, search engines like them. If search engines did not provide the results people wanted, they would cease to exist.

      So, don't think of your review sites as "Amazon" review sites...focus on the reviews.

      Personally, I have a few review sites that link to amazon and they have a steady flow of SEO traffic.
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    The question would be how people would 'discover' these review sites. If there is a niche for a particular amazon product review, you could definitely SEO the site, which would definitely increase the potential of visitors who will stumble upon your page (which you would have amazon affiliate links in). However if people aren't able to discover the page/site for that matter, there's no point in doing the review.

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    Sure, they still work. I own 10 of my own. Although there are many ways to skin a cat, my personal preference is to promote products that nobody else is and I do very well with that strategy.
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      Amazon have been around for a while. And will be.

      Independant reviews are always valuable to a buyer.

      The secret is to provide quality information.

      Often very hard to do if you dont know anything about the products!

      So talk about things you do know about.

      The buyers want to know and Amazon's a great place to buy!
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