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by Kpick
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Hello fellow "Warroirs",

We are about to launch our new and revised site for a client. (Client did the design)
At this point I'm not too hot on the design. I think its a bit too "busy".
Can any of you take a look at it and give me some feedback.

I would most certainly appreciate it.
This site is for the "senior care" industry and the client is nation wide. Most keywords trigger a local search.
Lastly, this is not a Landing page, it will be a very large website with hundreds of pages.

Page 2

Can't thank you all enough
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    A lot of the fonts are hard to read (ie. the header, navigation, "read these useful tips", areas we serve, footer) Don't know if the image quality is low...or the font is just a poor choice.

    And, even tho you say it's not a landing page...it looks like it's supposed to be one. What is the actual point of the page?

    It needs a little tidying up. Ie. the right side of the header has a random brown bar

    I think it may look busy because of the testimonials...maybe limit it to two testimonials and make the font a little bigger, better typography, and more appealing?

    Otherwise, I don't think it looks bad. Just kind of nitpicking at this point.
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    It's okay. What are they trying to achieve with the site? Is it purely for information purposes? Who is supposed to be visiting it?

    I'd say some of the fonts are a bit small, and the ones on the menu at the top appear sliced off at the top. So it needs to be fixed to work properly (I'm using Chrome)

    You have multiple call to action 'Contact us' and 'Find Care Now'. This isn't ideal. It looks like this is intended to be a landing page because of this - if it is, I'd drop the contact us part, and put the find care now up the top.

    Maybe make the testimonials just have headings and a 'more...' link to open them up fully.

    You also have 'get free' sections and read about useful tips. If you're trying to make this a lander, you don't want to confuse people by offering more calls to action.

    I think you need to decide what the page it intended to achieve, and arrange it accordingly.

    Martin Platt


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    A lot of the fonts are hard to read
    Go with one font for headers and a second for text. It looks like a half dozen different people worked on the design.
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    I agree with Nates and Martin.

    I would also say that you need more white space. White space will make your page more attractive and pleasant. Nobody likes pages with too many words and pictures practically glued together.

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