How can I monetize my site?

by Nayyte
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I own a pr4 web directory. The directory gets 12,000 unique visitors per month with 74,000+ Pageviews per month. The domain is 1 year and 2 months old and ranks in the 56,000's Alexa rating. It also has over 20,000 links submitted so far.

What would be a good way to monetize my site?

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    You can offer the following :

    1. Banner Ads
    2. Put SEO Related affiliate Ads
    3. Offer your members an option to upgrade to a Premium level where they get better exposure eg front page , top page
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    the first thing that comes to mind is sell it on flippa, a site with those good stats could get you a nice one time payment.

    If you don't want to do that then get an opt in form and start building a mailing list that you could market a product or affiliate product to

    If you don't want to do either of those then sell space on your site for others to put their ads!
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    Thanks a bunch for the quick replies, fellow warriors! I appreciate the help
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    I have to say, I am soooo confused, How is it that your website is ranked 56,000 in Alexa with only 12K Uniques a month? Doesn't add up. My site gets close to 50 K a month unique and im not that close in Alexa.
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    I actually just checked it, i'm in the 49,000's now on Alexa Rankings. I'm not really sure to be honest. I'm decently new to internet marketing. That's why i asked about monetization ideas hehe
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    Definitely selling advertising...

    Martin Platt

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    or you can sell it on flippa
    "If you think education is expensive - consider the cost of ignorance."
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    to monetize this cool website is : advertising ( can be one of the best choice to easily get ads), and premium listing for 1 year with affordable price.
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    If those numbers are real, I'd go with lightbox email collection with INTEREST drop down features. The more targeted the list, the more cash you'll make off it. Get members primed with webinars and sell solo ads on this forum. I have make money online lists and I sell ad blasts off fiverr so I know this monetization model works regardless of what kind of site you have.

    ORIGINAL CONTENT: Only $0.005 USD per word
    Quality Bulk Content for Articles / Blogs / Websites
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    I think the best proven way to monetize your website is have some banner space ads and promote affiliate products that is similar to yours.
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    Offer Adsense, affiliate products, and even your own products... charge to have the site included into your directory. Plus of course... offer advertising slots, and make it obvious to see for people looking to advertise. Hopefully you have a niche web directory.

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