Software developer: what product to create?

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I'm looking for advice from experienced warriors

What I have now is deep experience in software development.
Somebody may remember TheDowser - I was a person who developed it until online tools it used put limits on their use, thus killing the product.

I sell keyword databases mostly on Russian market, however I want to come back to English-speaking one - I really love its attitude. In my experience English-speaking customers are more "live" (not in the terms of money, but more close to Ain Rand philosophy).

In fact I don't want to create another keyword tool - it will mean using other people data. The situation which I hate most - I don't want to rely on someone else business.

I'm looking for a software idea that will help you, warriors.
A piece of software that you really need.
I understand that it may be not a unique idea.
However maybe there are some features you miss in the current set of products you use.

Any advice is appreciated.
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    I, and TONS of other bloggers, would love a product that would help us come up with ORIGINAL topics based on what people are ALREADY talking about. I manually do this right now-I check Twitter and my Facebook groups and forums to see if there's HEAT or BUZZ about certain topics. I am sure you can automate the research process. I write ORIGINAL content that BOTH Search Engines and flesh and blood people like and it is all about blending keyword concerns with actual topics people care about. The problem is it is sometimes hard to come up with topics that are keyword driven and engaging. If you build this software you can create a powerful SEO writing ASSISTANCE tool. Again, the tool just helps with IDEAS. The writer still has to write the article. Writers just need help with the IDEAS. There are some products out there that somewhat do this but they SUCK and are clunky. I know it can be done much better and more efficiently and help writers like myself get a bead on the JUICY DRAMATIC topics which we can use to write articles that will get lots of Link love and FB shares and Twitter retweets.

    Again, I do this manually right now but if you can create a tool, I'd love to get a review copy. You can even feature an article or two I would write using your SEO topic suggester tool.

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    the hottest tool today is still related to traffic I think... any idea?
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    You can draw inspiration from No brainer...

    I've sorted the data according to the number of downloads.

    Marketing Tools Downloads for Windows - CNET

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  • People love automation softwares that do things on "autopilot". Whatever software you create, it must carry a certain degree of "it does it for you on autopilot" factor.
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    I'm also a software developer and I had an idea that I just have not had time to get to. It will help blogers get traffic to their blogs right away. I have found that if I do this manually it could take 4 to 5 hours of work for every blog post.

    The first thing the software would need to do is use the key words of a post you have just made on the blog and search for other blog posts on other blogs that are using the same key words and that approve posts regularly.

    I did not want the software to do any posting in these blogs but find them so I can do the post my self and naturally leave a link back to my post.

    The software would then monitor each of these post and notify me when they have been approved. When approved the software would go to all the social book marking sites and post a link back to the post I made on the other blog.

    If a captcha is in the way of this posting, the software would notify me of the captcha and I would complete the captcha and the software could then post the necessary links.

    Every thime there has been 3 to 4 links posted on the other blogs then it would post a link to the post on my blog. It would only post my blog post link one time on each book marking site.

    The software would also build a spreadsheet of what was posted and where it was posted along with, which book marking site were posted on.

    This would allow me to do real posts and build deep back links the proper way. If this is done for 3 to 5 days a week for a couple of months would bring a ton of more targeted traffic to the blog and would only be about an hour of work each of the 3 to 5 days a post is made.

    Everything would be done in a natural way but would eliminate much of the time needed to search for post with similar topics and post to book mark sites. This is the most time consuming part.

    If I had a software that would do this then I may do much more on my blog. I've done this manually and it really does bring the traffic. My first attempt brought traffic to a brand new blog in less than an hour.

    The tiring part is that the process must be done for 2 to 3 months with one post a day for 3 to 5 times a week. Naturally 5 days would be better than 3 days a week.

    this software could save 20 or more hours of work each week.

    If you would like to talk more about this give me a pm.

    I hope this is helpful,
    Steve Yakim
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    Simply ask like you are doing now. Create a poll, or browse the forums to see what's wanted and create a tool for it.. Now you can always reside to cloning other software and offer a better deal
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    As most people said, automating stuff is something that will sell. As long as it saves time for a task people need to do on a regular basis you will do well.

    My other tip would be to focus on a ONE task software to start and maybe expand on your idea. An example I can think of is automating a task people do on ONE website such as keyword research. YES I know, you mentioned you didn't want to do that.

    But your software could scrape the most used tags for top ranking videos on YouTube for a certain keyword. That would mean these are the ones we need to use when I upload a video for that keyword.

    Or search open Facebook groups in my niche, and sort them by high to low number of members and I know which ones to join.

    Or a bulk uploader and scheduler to Pinterest...

    These are just ideas and maybe some already exist but you don't have to reinvent the wheel if you can make a better job or offer a better deal.

    Finally, you may want to look at other softwares and see what features they are missing. Create a separate software that does that just perfectly, and maybe even ask the other software creator to promote or JV.

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