2 niches on one blog ? Ranking tough ?

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I am planning to launch a blog where I will write about 'finance and education'.

At the same time,I also like technology and gadgets. I know technology on a finance blog sounds odd,but if I don't include tech and gadgets,I will be missing on building backlinks on tech blogs as they would be irrelevant. Also,a core finance blog is easier to rank for finance and educational keywords compared to a blog which has finance,education,tech and gadgets ?
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    It all depends on the quality of your content. Are you talking about the same stuff everyone else is talking about or are you going to be the GO TO site for certain types of information withing your larger niches?
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    I would suggest you to not do this as this will make things complicated for you...

    Make 2 blogs and do them entirely separate...

    Finance and Education and Technology and Gadgets are way different from each other...
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    Too many themes on your blog might confuse your readers. Some might like your posts about education and would wait for the next one thinking it could answer some of their questions. Instead, you may be writing about gadgets. This is quite disappointing for them.

    I also can not see a connection between them. It they do not have something in common, I think you should do it separately.
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