What are your Basic Autoresponder Success Tips?

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Hey guys,

I want to know what are you biggest autoresponder tips for success?

Every 3 days?
How many words? 300- 500 words? longer or shorter?

any strategies for autoresponder would be appreciated

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    Hi there,

    My advice would be ...

    1) Write as if you are speaking to a friend
    2) Write as much as you need to in order to communicate your message clearly and succintly
    3) Write as often as your readers like. I tend to send autoresponder messages every 4-7 days depending on the niche or status of the list members (i.e. pre/post sales) and then send personal messages about once a week talking about current events.

    You need to try a few things, see what sort of level of unsubscribes you get and work from there. Different markets / lists work in different ways. I knew one marketer who would send 3-5 sales messages a day to his list. His approach was if someone unsubscribed it meant his list was more targeted. Funnily enough, I've not seen anything from this marketer now for a couple of years!

    Hope that helps

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