Vampirestat- How to block them & keep them from hitting blog daily

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Hello all. I assume that many of you have heard of "vampirestat." This site is apparently one of a few infamous sites that hits blogs, spiking the traffic data on the blog's back end, which in turn gives traffic to vampirestat et al., provided that the blogger is naive enough to click on the link going back to vampire et al.

I have read that we can't really do anything about these sites hitting our blogs the way they do, but I'm the type of guy who will go the extra mile to get the activity to stop.

Please let me know if you know of a means of contacting or blocking vampire et al.
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    Ah, another one of them 'Stat attacks' . Can you not block the IP address of this website from accessing your site ?
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      I'm afraid I'm not computer-savvy enough to know the answer to that question. I know this much: The blog to which I'm referring is a Blogger blog. I have a feeling there's no way to block the site because of that, but I'm not entirely sure as well.

      With that said,
      I will research it. You and anyone else are welcome to provide me with info on how to do this, by the way.

      And thank you for your feedback!

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    Whoa, Big Text?
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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        Are you aware that you can press "Control" and the "+" key to zoom in the screen? That'd be a better solution than you writing with big fonts while the rest of us keep to normal fonts (at the end of the day, you have to read us too, right?).

        I use this method myself when I can't read text because it is too small.
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          Ok. We're going to compromise. I'm dropping my font size down to 4. Thank you all for your constructive criticism.

          ALSO, the only IP Address info I could find on said traffic source was that it is coming from some "protected domain services."

          Does this mean that I will not be able to obtain their domain so I can block it?

          Thank you all very much for rocking,

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      The life of an Internet marketer you gotta love it
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        Hey. I would try downloading your blog. making a new one and uploading it. switch URL to the same as the old one. then importing your posts.. or if you have a personal domain and a blogger direct url with it. change the blogger that directs it to the url.. meh theyll probably be back but hopefully you wont click on the traffic link this time so they wont be too must of a pester
        (if you don't know what im talking about "uploading" and "downloading" on blogger, google it.. its a thing you can do on blogger)

        just don't go on any traffic links!.. if you must type the link into google and see if its a stat attacker. only if you think its legit enough go on it and see if your posts are linked there. but make sure it is...

        If this works please post your success back on here, im just going to let the ******* toy with my stats.. im more of a bleeder than a fighter. But for you fighters.. always come back and post the solution its so appreciated you wouldn't believe how much!

        stay united

        Peace. Rob
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          The OP said it was hosted on a blogger blog, and I don't think there are any plugins that will help.


          ...Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just set there.
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    UPDATE (5-21-2013 Tues)-

    Yesterday I put a blog's link on our company Facebook page, and the Vampire struck again! The boss saw the data in Blogger, and yet again he prohibited me from blogging and building our keyword presence on the net, an ignorant move in my opinion.

    He said that I am "destroying the data," a comment that seems to stem from an underlying case of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). With this disorder, upon slight changes in a patient's routine, the patient tends to become highly agitated, immediately becoming desperate for things to return to how they were.

    This brings me to a conclusion I want to share with you all: Upon seeking employment at any given company, it is best for the applicant to confirm the ways in which company leadership manages its staff. A question an applicant could ask the prospective employer is therefore, "What level of artistic license do you grant your staff?"

    Micromanagers are all around us, and it is in my opinion that if an applicant has options regarding places to work, that applicant is best off gaining employment at a company whose leadership is the least dictatorial.

    The applicant should carefully note the interviewer's response and body language upon inquiry into leadership practices. In my case, if I am in the future applying somewhere to run another company's blog(s), I will be sure to mention the likelihood of sites like Vampire paying the blog a visit. I will be sure to ask who is currently responsible for the blog, and are they aware of referral spam sites. I will not get into another situation where my artistic license is more or less revoked due to ignorant management. And eventually, I will be the leader, which will elevate me above those to whom practicing bad company leadership is commonplace. My subordinates will not be practitioners of bad leadership as well, because bad leadership and unnecessary revocations only harm company morale, therefore harming the company itself.
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      Originally Posted by NSOLO View Post

      A question an applicant could ask the prospective employer is therefore, "What level of artistic license do you grant your staff?"
      You can always ask an employer that but it doesn't mean you'll have the same definitely of an "artistic license" or that they won't change their mind later lol
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    So what is the blogger doing? Using your site as anchor to get traffic to there site?
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      Correct. In Blogger, where you see "Page Views," you'll see "More Stats" above and to the right of that. Click "More Stats," then you'll see "Traffic Sources." That list shows three URLs, two of which are usually the URLs of our Blogger page and our main website. The other one, however, is Vampire or another "Spam Referral Site," such as "topblogstories." Each time I see them, I Google their names, and each time they are hacker, spammer, etc. sites. Upon much research, the honest internet marketers have no way of stopping them, and it is unknown to me and others how to block their IPs when their IPs are nowhere to be found.
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    I found out some information on this as I have the same issue on one of my blogger sites. Vampire Stats is considered refer spam. They are hard to block apparently and google blogger will have to make that happen. The problem is, as soon as that site is blocked, another refer spam site is up within hours (so I am told). I found a few bits of interesting information on the google forums:

    Link 1 - this is a good FAQ on the subject

    Link 2 - a quick discussion that gives you an idea of where the problem sits today
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    I don't have an answer for this but if I will relate this to a website powered by wordpress you can easily block it. No need of coding. Just install the blocking plugin por you are ready to go.
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    Does anyone know if Vampirestat is a way of looking at your own blog stats?
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      I would occasionally see Vampire stat in my personal blog stats. Since it is a horror review site, I thought it was legit. Clicked the link and was confused about why I was getting "traffic" from it. Thanks to this thread and especially those links.
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    I"ve never heard of this one, thanks for the head's up!
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    I would personally stay away from it, it has a bad reputation and I take it as a warning.
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      I don't think you can block them.
      I read somewhere where it says that they use bots from different places and spoof their name as so it's impossible to block as you don't know where they might come from.
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        If it is a wordpress site I would install the wordpress plugin called "bad behaviour"

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