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I asked a professional blogger by email about "how can I get a massive amount of traffic on my blog". He replied with few very good tips but I,m not able to understand this sentence.

"and make sure you are using Google's authorship; have your picture displayed with your articles"

please explain it.
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  • It is when you do a Google search and when one of the links has a picture of your Google+ account.

    Like this:

    In order to do this you must post a link with from your website to your Google+ account with an author tag and then under your Google+ account you must add the link to your website under 'Contributor to'.

    Hope this helps?
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    Here is a link to a guide I put together showing how to setup Google Authorship. It's fairly easy to get done.

    Your Guide To Setting Up Google Authorship Markup
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    Can you use an art photo of yourself for this? Or does it have to be an actual photo. My art photo at fiverr works quite well for me.
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    Hello writeaway,

    I'm not sure - as far as I recall, every "author" I have seen in the search results has been an actual photo, but I could be mistaken.

    Steve - thanks for the guide - very helpful!

    Take care,

    Joe Chengery

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    I believe that I remember something saying that you really need to use your photo. The official page on Google about Authorship states: "Make sure you have a profile photo with a recognizable headshot."
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    Thanks everyone i appreciated your help, but how can Google's authorship will be helpful to bring traffic on my blog?
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    • Originally Posted by pingsters View Post

      Thanks everyone i appreciated your help, but how can Google's authorship will be helpful to bring traffic on my blog?
      When people do a Google search and 10 results appear and 1 of them has a picture of you, they are more likely to click that link than the others.
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    pingsters -

    YES YES YES. I saw a nice uptick as soon as I initiated the Google Authorship on my video game news and reviews website. I did this for myself and all of my main authors. Why did I get more clicks in google searches? Because now we have pictures of our authors next to the links and that looks A LOT more desirable than the rest of the results that come up.

    ALSO - I've talked with many an SEO and they think the tie in with Google+ along with authorship is the wave of the future. Meaning, it won't be necessarily about site authority but more AUTHOR authority that will impact results.
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    Google Authorship will help your clickthrough in search engine results as well as your SEO. If you have a wordpress then you can simply install the following Plugin :

    WordPress › AuthorSure « WordPress Plugins

    Then follow the following steps:

    Your 6 Step Checklist

    1. Get an account at Google
    2. Set up a Google+ Profile with your name and photo
    3. Install and configure AuthorSure
    4. On your WordPress site go to "Your Profile" page and enter the URL of your Google+ Profile in the box next to the Google+ icon
    5. On Google+ click on your Profile icon on the left, and then on the About menu item. Scroll down the About page until you see the Links section then edit that, and add a link in the contributor section to your Author page on your WordPress site - your author page URL will be something like http://www.site.com/author/user
    6. Verify a few of your posts on the WordPress site by pasting their URLs into the Structured Data Testing Tool. If the tool says each page is verified then your pages are eligible for display of author information in the SERPs
    Reference: How To Install The AuthorSure Plugin

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    Not only will your image help you get more clicks on your site, but the relationship to Google+ will also help you rank higher.

    So make sure you build an audience on Google+ related to the themes of your websites.

    Tip: I changed my profileimage on G+ and increased my daily traffic from around 100 to 130. Just from the difference in CTR of the image. So test a new image each week untill you find one that make the highest CTR.
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