i can't see signature on warrior forum

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Hi, i am logged into my account and i can't see an one signature as a paid member of the forum ? can any provide help ? how can i see my own signature and some one else's signature when i scroll down and read the full threat ?

For now i am unable to do so.
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    I can see your signature...There are some sections that signatures are disable eg wso
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  • You did activate them to be shown in your settings correct? You might be seeing an ad or something and not signatures if you didn't activate them.
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    User CP -> Edit Options -> Thread Display Options -> Check "Show Signatures"
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      Originally Posted by NatesMarketing View Post

      User CP -> Edit Options -> Thread Display Options -> Check "Show Signatures"
      Thank you so much for your help.
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    I can see that your signature is working now.
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      Originally Posted by Abrar Tariq View Post

      mine is also not showing up. =s
      It's probably disabled in your profile options. The solution is in post #4 above.
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    I am experiencing the same problem with signature.Oops... I can see it now!
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    Hey mates,

    Below my correspondence with moderator at WF. I hope it helps you

    Originally Posted by Paul Myers
    Do NOT... put that affiliate template back in your signature. If you do, I will turn off your signature privileges, which will require cancelling your War Room membership.

    Dear Paul,

    I need your help.

    I do not want to breach any rules at forum This is not my intention at all. I re-read "What are the Forum Rules?" and "New members - Please read this!" and could not find what it means affiliate template. My signature contents link to my own domain if-marketing.com. You can check it at Who.is.

    Could you advise what was wrong and how to manage this situation properly?

    Best regards
    Posted by Paul Myers
    An affiliate template is a page provided by merchants for use by their affiliates. It doesn't matter if it's hosted on your site if it fits that description.

    There's nothing inherently wrong about them. It's a smart strategy. It just leads to affiliate signatures, which encourage too much of the wrong kind of posting when used in a forum.
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      First off, you missed the point. The OP's question was about a problem caused by a setting in his/her profile. Your response has nothing to do with the actual issue.

      Secondly, you failed to mention before posting a private note that your sig had been replaced with a reminder not to use affiliate template links several times before I sent that warning.

      Also, the creative "copy and paste" is interesting. In the original, the subject line was "Please do not..." The body of the PM started with "... put that affiliate template back in your signature."

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    Had the same problem myself. Thanks for the help.
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    I just join and I just found that for the new member, the "show signature" feature is UN-CHECK by default. No wonder I can't see signature at the first.

    All you have to do is,

    1. go to your profile => http://www.warriorforum.com/profile.php?do=editoptions
    2. at Settings & Options, click on the Edit Options
    3. scroll down, look for "Thread Display Options" then check "Show Signature"
    4. Save

    Hope this will help those who can't see the signature at wf.

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    I'm having the same issue. everything is checked... strange

    Hmmm great now it works... might needed some time to process
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    I have just ticked the option to show my signature, but it doesn't appear to be showing. I am assuming that there is a delay while the signature is being checked. Would that be correct?
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      I see your signature, Joe...

      You have a slight problem on the second line.
      You indicated that you wanted to center that line, but the BB Code doesn't recognize the English spelling vs. the American spelling of the word "center"

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