Better Than WordPress? What's the Latest Greatest Platform?

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So I've been here a while, coming and going. I'm finally at the point where I want to get my fitness site roaring. I was using free blog factory/wordpress template. I like the ease of blogging but I want something that is really less blocky, looks less like a blog and more professional looking. I had gotten to the point of not wanting to do this myself, paid a guy 600 bucks and he basically robbed me. So now I'm back at square one. I no nothing of programming. I just want to get my content out there. I will be doing vids so I want that to be easy to jump in. Is there a platform out there as easy to work with or should I look for a new template for wordpress? Joomla, vs, WP vs Drupal, etc. I want something that looks less like a blog. I don't want to call my site a blog. I will be offering some products and services, building a list, etc., as well. Safety is also a concern as WP seems to be vulnerable. I guess if you were going to offer advice to a newbie, what would you tell them to check out? I hope I'm posting this in the best area, if there's another forum that would be better let me know. You can check out my site in my signature I think it's still there...if you want to offer advice. Thanks.
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      I've heard plenty of good things about SquareSpace. Haven't used it myself, but it looks really good.
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        Originally Posted by glooft View Post

        I've heard plenty of good things about SquareSpace. Haven't used it myself, but it looks really good.
        doesn't give you the control wordpress gives due to it being a service-oriented website. I would recommend something you can download, install, and configure manually - more control.

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    There are CMSs out there but with all that functionality that you seek the problems are going to stay!

    Wordpress looks like a blog only if you want to. At the end of the day, its just a content management system that can be customized to your heart's content.

    I would suggest you using wordpress because there are so many plugins available which can cover many aspects of a site.

    Another option is to hire someone through freelancing websites like odesk etc. Do not pay until you get your work done. Check the review before hiring someone.

    in 600 bucks you can easily get a joomla (another CMS like wordpress but more advance and more site like and less blog like)

    DRupal is another CMS and has better performance and is light weight!
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    Wordpress remains the best open source platform on the market. It is is constantly being updated and there are thousand of plugins and theme. Wordpress is a Content Management System and is not restricted to Blogging at all. I would suggest you look around on themeforest - there are so many wordpress themes that look more like professional, company,wordpress themes
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    Yea the thing is that the 600 i lost was my budget. So now I'm thinking about stuff like fiver or I'll check out Odesk, some way of outsourcing stuff I can't, don't know how to do for the cheap. I know you get what you pay for but I'm tapped out right now. I know nothing of the back office or panel stuff. I like the name drops as I don't know anything about the latest sites related to this sort of thing. In the future I can pay to outsource it all...just not right now. My thing is I won't be outsourcing content so I want to be able to log in, write a new "article" and go. Thanks for all the info so far!
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    I wouldn't stay away from Wordpress. I know you don't want our site to look like a blog, but
    you can customize Wordpress to turn your site into anything.

    The amazing community, availability of cheap coders and ease of use makes it the best and most popular CMS out there for me.
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    If its the design of the site you're looking to change then switching platforms isn't going to help you.

    You're choices are:

    Search around the net for a better looking template and then pay a guy to install it for you.


    Save up some money and hire a web designer to build something exactly as you want it. Something that will help you guide a designer is a wireframe. A wireframe is basically a skeleton version of your template that visually describes the layout of your sites template.

    Here is a free online wire framing tool:
    MockFlow - Online Wireframe Tool

    Hope that helps man
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    This is an alternative platform that I'm currently using on a few sites....

    FusionHQ Internet Business Platform

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    well wordpress is not only a blogging platform. There other CMS like drupal, joomla but I think wordpress is the most flexible and easy to learn. I would stick with wordpress and find a good webdesigner or maybe buy a premium template.

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