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Ok so as I posted in another thread. I have a few sites I will be pouring time into. One is fitness, my main one. I want a inexpensive way to build a list, as I won't be offering too many ways for this list to pay me back. I'm writing a book but that will be done who knows when. I will do some affiliate marketing but I don't want to over that. Actually i will be offering some online training and dietary consultation but don't want to overkill that too much but perhaps It could pay for a decent sized list. Who knows. I want a good form to put on my site or squeeze page that will funnel them back to a decent auto responder, database management system like CC, aweber, icontact,etc. Maybe mailchimp? what's good for a newbie? I don't know enough to go my past experience it seems to be a toss up on google reviews and whether or not they are biased or not. I'd like some real info from those in the game. Thanks for any responses!
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