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Hate this song by Drake, By The Way.

Hey warriors, just a quick post that I'd like you to read carefully.

Nothing fancy, nothing hypey, nothing "PURE CONTENT" of some sort.

I just want to applaud and pay my personal respect to you guys,
those who came from nowhere, and decided to take this decision.

You know what decision, that LIFE changing decision.

You, the ones who gave less attention to your loved ones, came from a long day of work and went back into your business work, the ones who spent your last money on products that promise you the world, because you believed in it.

I'd like you to know, that in the behalf of myself and my heart (he can sometimes be a douche so this one is really special), we both respect you.

You are a HERO, and if you push just a little bit, take action just a little more,
stick to what you believe and express it (list builders..aham), you'll be more than a hero.

You'll become what you dreamt about, you'll become successful/rich/better husband/wife/thinner/ripped/strong/entertainer/leader/traffic master/frank kern


Anyway, right here, from my fresh home office, I applaud you virtually, and my hands hurt.

And for those who came from the buttom and are already successful (if we can call it that way)

Know that our path is still long, basically 'till we die, however in that path we don't need to worry about that ****sucking boss or that irritating/stupid/WTF moment you get when you need to pay 'em bills.

Respect boys and gals, because you made it.

You made that decision, you're awesome.


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