Is there a way to track traffic from HTML Squeeze Page?

by eltara
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Hi All

I have videos promoting Clickbank product that are already uploaded and distributed in a few video network. The videos have site link mentioned in them. For example at the end of the videos, please go to "".

So far what I did was getting visitors to go to where it will redirect them to the Clickbank offer page where my affiliate id is in it. In another words, is an empty domain.

I know it is not a good idea doing what I do now and I would like to make a squeeze page to collect email leads instead cause I am receiving quite a number of traffic.

My question is if I were to create
squeeze page on my @ the root domain via the html editor way. Is there any way how I can track my traffic at since I can't use WP Statcounter or WP Statsurfer to track?

Can anyone advise me?

Thanks in advance.


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    Manually add the statcounter code to your page, I'm using WP but I add it manually not with a plugin. I think it goes before the </b> tag
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    you can add statcounter code, you can add google analytics, then create campaign that will even show how many clicks go to your affiliate link, build a squeeze page with the help of wordpress and add a traffic tracker plugin and an affiliate link cloaker plugin, do any of the above to achieve it
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    • Profile picture of the author RogueOne is free and works pretty well.
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        I would recommend Google Analytics. You can gather a ton of information with it - from conversion rates to visitor flow, and beyond!

        I've never used Statcounter, but it looks similar to Google Analytics.

        So, it may just be a case of, different strokes for different folks.
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    I use prosper202 to track all of the traffic from some of my financial squeeze pages and it's worked quite well.

    You can track conversions, clicks, sending domains, and run all sorts of analytics on it. I'd say the only downfall is that you need to host it yourself.
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    To Everyone above,

    Thank you so much for your kind advices .
    I didn't know there are several ways of doing so.
    I was like scratching my head how am I going to do this ... thanks for giving me the ideas!


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    I'd say you could use Prosper202 if you work with wordpress or I've been using budurl for quite along time and I'll track many of my links with that.
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