The life of a basement dwelling IMer and their shoe-string startup

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It's strange, as I haven't been back in this boat for a long time actually. I had some success my first run at this. But things fell apart. I took a break for a few years. Now I'm back at it, trying to launch a new site.

On the one hand it's great to have a project to keep you busy. But on the other hand it's just such a weird predicament. Like I live on my own and at the moment I have no income. Just working on hopefully getting the new project launched and with a little luck making some money.

But in the mean time, it just seems like such a tricky scenario. I mean life could be worse. But I could perhaps see a lot of people on this forum stuck in this situation. There in there basement rooms, working feverishly on their project, hoping to be the next big thing online, just seems like a weird place to be in life, as it can almost sometimes feel like you're trapped in a prison or something.

Like will my new project elevate me to the heights of greatness, or will I end up stuck in my basement room not getting anywhere in life.

What exactly keeps you both motivated and sane in when you're working from home and trying to get a project off the ground?
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