NEVER Be Afraid To Invest Money Into Your Business Or Your Education...

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One of the major problems I tend to notice amongst newbies is them being afraid to invest money to help either grow their business or their education.

This is bad (and is also why most newbies will continue to fail).

If you are too afraid to invest in getting yourself your own domain name, hosting account, and a high quality reliable autoresponder service, then guess what?

You don't really have a Business.

I won't say that it takes money to make money, but I will say that if you are too afraid and scared to invest in yourself, your education, your long term future, and your business, then your chances of actually becoming successful and making a full time living from home is slim to none.

Never be afraid to invest in your future because by doing so you will enable yourself to be successful and make lots of money online.

-Malcolm Thomas
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    100% - nothing is free. Either you spend your time or money. Best to have $1 to make another $1 in this business.
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    The flip side of this is to decide first the direction you want to go in, and only invest in things that:
    1) Are in-line with that direction
    2) You are 100% committed to using/implementing

    If you "invest" in lots of stuff that is all unrelated, or that you don't even crack open, it will not only not get you closer to your goals, but it will get you further from them!
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    You spoke nothing but the truth brother. An auto responder, a hosting account, and a domain name all and all aren't that expensive. I always say if you don't have the money to get just those basic things, you should be able to find a way.

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    Yep, rather its school, internet courses, or getting a mentor you have to do what is needed to succeed

    - Jonathan Webb
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