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I have a large list of Opt-In subs for my newsletter. I have reached a plateau of sorts where I add just as many subs as I lose on each email blast. That is not a bad thing but my question is how can I substantially grow my list rather than just tread water. Any help would be great.


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    Why not start an FB ads campaign sending to a FB Fan page then squeeze page to build your list?
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    Well I've got two questions:

    1. How are you currently building your list?
    2. Whatever the answer is to question number 1 is, why can't you upscale that to grow your list more?

    A lot of people post how do I get started, you've already got a method that works, I'm assuming it's just a matter of up scaling what it is you're doing from there and keeping forward.

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    If you're hammering your list everyday with promotion after promotion, it's just a matter of time before they're opting out. If you continue to provide quality and valuable information for them, why would they leave?

    It's a catch 22 and you have to find that happy medium. The bottom line is that you don't need everybody on your list, you just need the right people that are in your target market or niche.
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    Have you tried figuring out at which email that most people are subscribing from? Figure this out, then replace these email(s) with a brand new email. And do advertising (PPC) to get a steady stream of new leads daily.
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    I gotta agree, Build a fb fan page and get everyone to interact. Don't spam with offers frequently..People love videos
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    How about going on Craigslist and posting ad's there I hear it is great and will provide a lot leads and traffic for your subscriptions.

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    You will have to either increase the flow of traffic to your website or you will have to improve the conversion of your website. I think these are the 2 important activities that ensure that your list is constantly growing.
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    You should be constantly adding new subscribers to your list daily and also be testing and tweaking your sales funnel and conversions to maximize your profits.

    You need to figure out why people are unsubscribing from your list to begin with
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    Why are people unsubscribing? Have you asked them?

    Are you breaking promises you made to people at the start, or is the information you supply of a poor quality? Or are you blasting sales at them with no regard for the quality of product, or the fact that you're not necessarily helping them?

    Once you have all this sorted, you can then gear up the traffic to your squeeze page, or your site, and you should then be on the winning side of the equation...
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    1) It look's like you have un-related subscribers on your list.
    2 you are marketing to them frequently.
    3) sending poor quality products or landing pages.

    There might be some other parameters that you check. I would highly recommend to use craigslist for list building. but in which niche you are ?
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    Pretty normal Mike. You simply need to find other ways to increase signups to your list.
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    Thanks all. Great suggestions. I just added a nice pop up to help promote my giveaway report and that helped. I send only 1-2 emails a week so I dont think I am over doing it. I do need to find out exactly why people are leaving so I will start a process of reaching out to a % of the unsubscribes. When you have a large list you will have people drop out just because. My bounce rate is now lower and that helps.
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    Good luck Mike.
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