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Wow. I've been unsubscribing from emails I never read. This morning I clicked unsubscribe and was greated with this message from the list provider

If you remove yourself from this list you will also be permanently, and irreversibly canceling your List Wire account, and any sub-accounts you have under the username, rosetrees!

If you choose to continue the unsubscribe process, you will no longer have access to any of your lists, sub-lists, prospects, messages, and any other data stored with List Wire.
Fine. I don't want an account withh you and I certainly don't want to deal with anyone that does.

I've emailed the marketer concerned to ask if he is aware of this problem with his list provider.

I did open a LW account but have never used it. It seems a strange bullying tactic to tell your customers that they cannot unsubscribe from other lists if they wish to keep their own.

Doesn't this contravene the Can the Spam Act?
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    Ouch! An example of the scarcity mindset.

    It is amazing how prevalent that mentality is in IM
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    Incredible... they've just gone a bit overboard on the warning. I'm not so sure about the Spam Act, but I can see how it can make you feel pressured into making a decision.
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      At least you got an insight into the morality of the people behind it.

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        scare tactics why dont people understand you dont have to be a wanker to make sales ?? thats what give us genuine people a bad name that's a bit lowlife good thing you unsubscribed
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        Was the unsubscribe you clicked in an e-mail from Gary Ambrose (owner of Listwire)? If it was then that will explain the warning. When you open an account with Listwire you have to remain on his mailing list, so if you want to unsubscribe from his mailing list then it will result in the closure of your Listwire account
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    Gosh! Talk about being forcefull! Perhaps they have had other people unsubscribring and their numbers are dwindling away? Recently I have also been unsubscribing from lists that I felt were simply regurtating things and confusing me, very few have stopped contacting me however, most still do, their emails get delivered to my spam folder.
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    Ahhh - Glensheep. I'd totally forgotten he was the owner. Woops. He wont be interested in my reply warning him about his list provider, will he!!!!
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      Originally Posted by rosetrees View Post

      Ahhh - Glensheep. I'd totally forgotten he was the owner. Woops. He wont be interested in my reply warning him about his list provider, will he!!!!
      If you're not going to use Listwire then I wouldn't worry :-)

      If you do want to carry on using it but aren't interested in the mailings then I'd suggest just setting up a filter in your e-mail client to direct all the mailings into one, separate folder. That way they're all in the one place if you ever do need/want to look at any of them and it keeps them away from your main inbox
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    Yes Lol I just keep getting Gary's emails but He's real nice guy. My problem is I am sending remove requests because the spammers won't leave me alone. And if I do that they bombard me with more trash.

    Gary's listwire thats been here andwill be here for the longhaul.
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    @ Big Mike. When I asked that question I wasn't aware that it was the owner of the mailing list provider that was emailing me. (At least, I'd forgotten). I thought it was a regular user of the service, and believed I was being told that unsubbing from any of LW's clients' list meant I could no longer subscribe to any other LW list.

    No surprisingly I've unusbscribed.
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    Well, at least you got to unsub, which these days seems like a win.
    Many emails don't even have an unsub link or if they do it's just a trap to
    add you to more lists...
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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    I remember seeing the "free" offer for listwire. I was always curious about the catch. Now I know!
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