What is your favorite membership site?

by Michael Worthington 12 replies
Hi all,

I'm looking for some resources to recommend to my list
that will actually help them if they take the time to use

I would greatly appreciate it if you would tell me your favorite
membership site and why you like it...what about it makes you
keep going back on a regular basis.

And I don't mean a site you own yourself, but someone else's
site you like well enough to recommend...preferably one you
visit on a regular basis.

What kind of content do they have that makes it worth the
price if it's paid? and if it's a free site, what kind of value they offer
to make it worthwhile to be on their list and get ads from the

Whether they have an open affiliate program or not doesn't matter.

Free or paid, doesn't matter.

I just want quality. I'm not looking to make any money from the
recommendation, but to build goodwill by recommending value
to my people. The money will come later.

Thanks for your help.

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    Wealthy Affiliate and SurfireWealth. Killer stuff.
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      Unselfish Marketer Invites You To Dig Deep In His Pockets! has my vote. I absolutely love the products I get on a regular basis.

      There's even enough for me to run my own membership site based on what I get inside. Heck, I could probably run about 2 more membership sites if I broke up all the content into sub niches.

      Plus you get a boat load of extras you don't get anywhere else and that can't be included anywhere else. Can you say "exclusivity"? I know I can

      JayKay is a Warrior. I think his username is unselfish_marketer or something like this. I know he also has an affiliate program for his membership site as well. But alas, you must first be a member. The price is affordable( it's still under $77 per month ) enough when compared to everything you get as a member. You can easily make the month's fee back by reselling the products.

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        Hi Michael,

        I recommend Willie C's Inner Circle, Kurt Melvin's BombSquad, and the WAR room memberships.

        The other one I'd like to mention is closed to the public at the moment so it won't do much good to mention it.

        I get all kinds of content from willie's membership, including some of his ideas and concepts about marketing, plus he isn't shy about sharing his thoughts with his members. He gets right down on the boards with everyone else. He also gives more perks then most other memberships, like giving people a chance to JV with him, or him JVing with them, and asking the membership to participate in projects.

        Another aspect to consider is the membership as a whole. This body of people care about each member and don't mind pitching in with a helping hand. We are honest with each other, and I think this is what makes that community special.

        Kurt's membership is a bit more techie, but people can learn more about SEO there than any other place I know of. He holds nothing back, and neither do the members.

        The War Room doesn't need an explaination in my opinion. I've found the best get down nitty gritty content in that membership in the last 30 days or so, and found nothing that compares.

        Community weighs just as high as content does to me, and I like having the best of both worlds.

        Hope this helps ...

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