Genius Wordpress Coders? Where are you?

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Hi there,

I have been looking around all over the place online for a 'Wordpress Coding Genius' as I like to call it. I have a project in mind that includes coding a frame that allows me to use a WP blog on an Invision Power Board forum. Now a friend of mine that works 24/7 and has a young child, tells me that he as 'decent' standard coder with a background knowledge of Wordpress and Forum software/web design could do this job (if he had the time) in a straight 5-7 hour work frame.

Sounds easy huh? Well actually it's been anything but. I have contacted Invision, left messages on forums, spoke to between 20-30 parties that have been recommended as third parties relations to IPB of which 90% didn't reply and the remaining 10% played a game of 'Hey I can't do this, but he can' rinse and repeat. I spoke to one guy, who quoted me £170 an hour to do this job, stating 'he really was the best of the best' - I mean really, come on?

I mean really, what does it take to hire a 'decent standard' coder who can work for say £10p/h and get what I've been quoted as a 'relatively easy job' done without hassle.

Can anyone within WF, recommend me or direct me to a good bunch of coders that can help me on this project? I really am coming to the end of my patience.

If anyone has any recommendations that they don't want to share, or indeed if any coders are interested in hearing more on the job, feel free to PM me.

Thanks, guys.
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    I don't think this job is as easy as your friend makes it seem.

    Have you tried looking at places like ODesk and Rent-A-Coder?

    What is it you are trying to do that you can't do with a separate WP install and Invision install?

    You could have your WP blog/site set on the main domain or on and the forum software setup on

    Forum "Home" links would go to your blog or home page:

    Links to the forum from your blog would go to the forum login:

    Or you could have an HTML squeeze page set up here:
    Your WordPress blog here:
    And Invision forum here:

    No problem linking between them.

    Does this not work for you?

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    Originally Posted by MrJackBauer View Post

    I mean really, what does it take to hire a 'decent standard' coder who can work for say £10p/h and get what I've been quoted as a 'relatively easy job' done without hassle.
    Let me know when you find this genius wordpress coder who works for $10-15 an hour.

    You get what you pay for. Good PHP coders charge $40-100 an hour.

    You can get someone for the hourly rate you want but they may do a worse job and take longer doing it.


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    $5 for fixing the problem
    $1000 for knowing where to tap...
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    Thanks for the responses.

    The figures above were simply an example and words like 'genius' to be taken at face value.

    My point was, finding a reasonable coder and reasonable price around the world in 2013 seems like far more work than it should be. I get seriously wound up by sites like Freelancer and Odesk as when you post a project you get bids from gents that can't even communicate in your language, I mean really - come on.

    If anyone does or can recommend me anyone or anywhere, then please that would be superb.

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