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Ok, i have a youtube channel which gets 15 genuine subscribers every day and 1k views everyday.

it is for a camera which came out a couple of months ago and is associated to my website.

I would like to make money out of the YT channel, but i don't want to put the pre-roll ads etc that youtube offer, because i always skip them and i assume everyone else does. I tried it for a while and earned diddly.

i keep hearing about other partners who offer better deals that YT. Does anyone know anything about this?

or any other ways of making money?
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    Best is for them to click over to your website (and buy your products). OR..... Get a domain name and have them forward over to CPA offers, Amazon products...etc.
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      Well, if you commited to review products for your viewers you will earn money. Most of the time people do not do this right, because they try to show feature of some thing. What you should really do show them the benefits and limitations which help them to make an informed decision.

      Keep doing your reviews, test it with ads and without ads to see which will best and generate some leads.

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  • Amazon is really good with YouTube. Are you doing reviews of cameras? Then this would perfect, just tell your visitor that they can find more information about the product in the link in the description.
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    Too often we are stuck in the mindset of "internet marketers" when it comes to monetizing, thinking of only adsense, affiliate links, CPA, etc...

    Many times there are MUCH better deals to be made to monetize your online properties by going "offline" to make money.

    If you're bringing 30K/month traffic, how much might that VERY SPECIFIC traffic be worth to a brick and mortar distributor or manufacturer? If it converts at 1/2 of 1% that can be substantial... distributors and manufacturers are ALWAYS looking for ways to send leads to and support their partners sales funnels.

    These companies have real marketing budgets that are quite substantial compared with what you may be able to bring in with tradition IM methods. That may be worth far more to you monthly, then traditional IM monetization.
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