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I run a medical facility and I advertise on Facebook, Adwords and other online sources. A lot of traffic comes and spends a minute or two on the one-page website, but they leave without making an appointment. Which is fair, maybe they don't need one right now, they're just checking it out. So I put a box on the lower right which comes up after 10 seconds on the page that says enter your mailing address here to get a free refrigerator magnet with our contact info so you have it when you need it. I figured this is a good way to find out if we are getting people from the area who even want to have our contact info. I paid for like 100 super-local clicks of which 30 people were there long enough to see the box (10 secs+) from adwords and facebook and zero people filled it out. My wife says a refrigerator magnet is just a stupid incentive to begin with so my test has no validity. I think it's kind of nice to get it for free if you will want to visit the doctor in the future. If you all agree with her, then what is a good incentive? A pen? What do you warriors think?
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    I don't know that it's your incentive.

    Personally, I think having something popup after 10 seconds isn't the best of ideas.

    Why not have a permanent opt-in for the free magnet?

    I would mess with the opt-in prior to messing with the incentive.
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      Your wife is a smart woman. Handing out refrigerator magnets at a Senior Expo or something is one thing. The effort to get the freebie is minimal - just drop it in the bag.

      Filling in personal information at a one-page website that tries to set appointments after luring people with an ad? There's no trust built yet, so why would people even want your info on their fridge?

      Spend some research time looking at the sites of similar facilities. Network through LinkedIn or a profession-specific social network to find out what successful facilities in other market areas are doing.

      If you insist on sticking with a one-page site, use it to sell people on the idea of getting more information, where you can make your case.

      That said, even the fridge magnet is better than the incentive one funeral home was using. It was a pot holder. It was a nice pot holder, but I can't imagine someone suddenly needing funeral arrangements scratching their head and saying "Now where's that damn pot holder with the funeral home's number on it?" Assuming, of course that you could still read the info.
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    Your advert may be misleading. It seems that it is not what they are looking for when they land on your site.

    Why not add some other pages to it which provides good information about health topics.

    Give away a free report to get them onto a list. That way you can contact them say once a month with a newsletter.

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    You have to find out why they visit your site - what they are looking for, and then provide it so that they don't leave.

    OR You change your advert so that it filters out those people so you only get people who need to book right away.

    The fridge magnet might seem cool, but seriously, would you bother if it was you? I know I wouldn't.

    Martin Platt

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    Post your website here so we can critique it. Sounds like more than just a incentive problem...
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    I put a chat widget on the page to try and find out what people are there for. So far 10 visitors but nobody has used it. So frustrating. I suppose I'll build out all the pages about various services that we have. If anyone else has ideas please suggest.
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