How to monetize Anorexia site?

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I have a site about anorexia and eating disorders, any ideas how I could monetize it?
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    Maybe consider reselling some medicaments designed for people with eating disorder, or provide people suffering form with the opportunity to communicate with each other or get some advice.

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    There is not much you can do with anorexia. It need treating by experts.
    The best I could suggest is to find some books on Amazon and try to get people to purchase these as a first step to recovery
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    Sell food.
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    self help and therapy ebooks from clickbank?
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    lead gen for professionals and treatment clinics.

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      Originally Posted by NewParadigm View Post

      lead gen for professionals and treatment clinics.
      This is a good idea, I will look into this one. Thanks!

      As for books and self help clickbank products, I'd need to sell hundreds or even thousands to make any real money, especially with Amazon.

      How about some FREE unique handwritten articles for your website, blog, SEO, guest posts, etc?

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    you should research every offer on the market, you should find ebooks or meds.. or even leads searching businesses.
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    Originally Posted by MsHeart View Post

    I have a site about anorexia and eating disorders, any ideas how I could monetize it?
    Does your site in anywhere say that those suffering from eating disorders should see a doctor ASAP and/or seek a mental health professional before anything?

    Perhaps such a statement could be placed even masked behind all the garbage products that are written by amateurs to profit from people who suffer from a mental disorder?

    Just saying. I'd hate to know that someone ended up dying because you failed to point them in the right direction; a direction you should not even be associated with in the first place, but, hey, a buck is a buck.
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      I would think on nutrient packed foods easy on the stomach, maybe juicing.

      One of the main issues with anorexia - after it is developed - is the size of the stomach, it is hard to eat anything, the feeling of fullness comes too fast.

      The second is the self image, the fear of being overweight. It is a weird feeling where things are upside down; one of the images is to believe that food is poison.

      Juicing can help with both issues while recovering the nutritional balance. You have books, juicers, videos, etc.

      Other possible line comes with yoga and meditation. A very good option in this case is to practice outdoors in the sun. There are probably videos, mp3 with music and more stuff about this.

      The best solution though is to partner with a medical doctor specialized in these disorders and develop a plan, create a membership site around it.
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    Anorexia is a psychological problem. You can promote expensive ebooks about this matter and earn good commissions.

    Look for natural treatments because they are safe.

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    Anorexia is a life threatening disorder. I would not give any medical advice for any medical problem/disorder/disease. Some marketers have landed in jail for doing that.
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      Anorexia nervosa is one of the most potentially deadly psychiatric disorders there is. So, unless that "great" content you obtained for free was written by a mental health or medical professional who actually knows what they were talking about, I hope you don't put up a site, let alone attempt to monetize it. The last thing people suffering from anorexia need (along with the family members and loved ones who are desperately trying to help and support them) is yet another website that contains misinformation about such a serious disorder.

      I'm saying that as someone with many years of training and experience as a mental health professional myself. There's just far too much inaccurate information on the Internet when it comes to mental health disorders and related issues. I can't tell you how many patients I've seen over the years who said, "Well, I read such and such online..." and it was highly inaccurate or even downright dangerous information. In some cases, that misinformation resulted in bad outcomes. (I'm sure the same is true in other fields as well, particularly medicine and law.)
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    The mood affect appetite, you want to communicate with them more, make them happy.

    In the arena of human life the honors and rewards fall to those who show their good qualities in action.

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