Solo ads not are safe anymore

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Lately I have been buying solo ads for quite a while now and it use to work very good but now days it seem most likely everyone getting them self into the solo ads business and the only thing they selling is crappy solo ads which already been betting the life out of them by the list owner and after the list owner can't suck anymore profits out them then he or she beginning to sell clicks. Any why am saying this? This lost two months i have been all over the please buying solo ads 94% of them turn out to be the same i have spend
so much money on solo ads it make me sick. Check some of my payment proof
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And some of the solo ads provider will delete you from skype after you have send them your money not kool at all
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    David, I suggest adswapping with someone you trust.

    Contacting people who aren't flaunting solo ad services or are part of the popular lists / syndicates will benefit you tenfold. This might rule out a honest folk, but the dishonest people are crippling the service.

    It's become a very, very snidey business as some people see it as a "cut and run" form of making a quick buck. I've seen it all including the friendly approaches on Skype to close the sale followed by the dissapearing acts and the suspicious poor quality traffic.

    I don't purchase solos anymore. I do business with people who are running ethical businesses in the same niches as myself.

    I hope you have better luck with your next.

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    As a newbie i can tell you that ppc better than solo ads...
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      Originally Posted by gil12 View Post

      As a newbie i can tell you that ppc better than solo ads...
      As a newbie you have not learned the difference between "warm traffic" and "cold traffic". PPC is cold traffic. Not as bad as SEO but close.

      The primary factor to be considered is your business model. Different business models depend on different traffic sources. A coaching model with a large members area will depend largely on JV traffic while a blog with adsense as it's primary monetization method will depend on SEO.

      With that said solo ads from sellers who build their list from bad traffic sources is a waste of time. So, before you buy solo ads you need to interview your solo ad seller. Like hiring anyone check them out (look for reviews from other buyers), know how they build their lists, check out their sales funnels, opt in and see how often they mail their lists. Make sure they can deliver good leads and then test a small amount at first.

      A good solo ad seller can deliver many more hot buyers than PPC ever will for a much lower per click cost.

      More people go broke with PPC than any other paid traffic method because there are many more variables. The Big "G" sets the benchmark in the PPC industry. And they have rules on top of rules and if you break any rules your PPC costs will go through the roof. If you get it right, you will find heaven on earth.

      Study all traffic methods and match yours to your business model.

      Always looking for the best service providers on Warrior Forum.

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    Solo ads are like any other paid traffic method, if done wrong you will loose money very fast.
    Tracking your ads is the key to your success.

    My suggestion is to buy 100 clicks at first and track, track and track. Look at your conversions and sales. If that solo sellers customers don't respond try another. If you get the same results look at your sales funnel. Solo ad sellers are like any other profession, you get some good ones and you unfortunately get some bad.

    You have to have your metrics in place to tell the difference. When you find a good one you will have a benchmark to test the rest.

    Building traffic is like building a car. A car has a thousand moving parts and if one is broken the car won't run.

    Always looking for the best service providers on Warrior Forum.

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    Hi i have done solo ads before and i would do it through they are good solo ad suppliers and the quality is better i noticed. Try this for forum also, just make sure they have a good reputation for delivering quality not quantity.

    hope that helps

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    try to buy from established sellers at Safe-Swaps. They won't "cut and run" because they care about own public reputation there.
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    You can find some good adswapers here too.. I`ve used some services and got really good results. Don`t generalize as it might cost some warriors their business..
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    Just abandon solo ads completely mate. I realized a good while back that these subs are definitely not worth the money you pay for them. Even free wso's are better and far cheaper (although still not the best subscribers in the world)

    Why not create a 10 - 20 quality report that solves a specific problem and offer it as paid WSO? Even if you charge $1 for it you'll get far better subs than you'd get from solo ads. It's not the size of the list that matters anyway.
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    I have purchased a few solo ads from skype group chats and have good and bad experiences. Like many mentioned on here you just need to find the right people to purchase from and stick with it

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    I love solo's!!! I understand that your low front end stats are getting worse, and yes most of the time it is a dead list, but if you have a good follow-up you make the sales second time around. You can set-up up 6 months of emails and offer your front end once or twice a month. Trust me this brings in auto pilot sales. Also what type of back end do you have in place? If you have one high ticket back end sale your solo will pay for itself 100 times over.
    Maybe it is the expectation of massive results because that is what you got even 3 months ago. Now you have to work for your results. This is paid traffic. It also depends on what niche you are in. MMO is of course getting harder as many people are pumping out very good free information these days. There are a lot of really good email marketers out there today. It is a grind, but it only makes us better at what we do, and pushes us to find new ways to get thru to our readers. Who might I add have been hit with a million offers a day for a very long time. IMO
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    Hi David,

    I've bought my fair share of crappy solos as well... It sucks, but it happens.

    The best thing you can do which was already mentioned is to interview your seller.

    Ask them:

    Where did your list come from?
    How often do you email them?
    How many clicks can you send from 1 email?
    Are there buyers on your list?

    That's what I usually ask now and if they can't provide any testimonials I just don't buy one from them.

    Also, this works some times. Ask them since you are a first time buyer if you can have a discount... maybe $30 for 100 clicks and if you like the results you'll be back for more.
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    I heard a lot about safe swaps , some people get scammed they got clicks from the same IP address , even if they have positive reputation , still you can't guarantee the results!

    It is all about testing , nothing is guaranteed in this business.

    Good luck

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    david, there are some bad solo's out there I agree but at the same time there are some absolute gems

    I purchased a solo ad just last week for $40 for 125 clicks and made $71 back within the first 24 hours

    A lot of it depends on your squeeze pages and sales pages which you use in your funnel because if they don't convert then the times when you do come across good solo ad lists you won't even be able to make back any good money because your conversions are bad

    I tend to stay away from the most popular solo ad sellers because their lists are usually hammered to death

    Don't lose hope, they still work very well you just have to be careful and have your BS detector on

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      As always with anything like this its a case of buyer beware.

      Be careful and do your research before taking the plunge and buying solos from a new source.

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    I've only had one bad solo so far, but I can see where the problem may come up.

    There has been a big push for starting solo ad businesses in the last few months. Not just the ads you see on WF, but a lot of big marketers have sold courses and helped hundreds of people start this model fairly recently.

    It's definitely a viable business, but most who get involved are looking for the easy way and don't do it properly. You can sell 1 solo per day and make a GREAT income online, but some sell 2-5 per day at a lower price and burn out their entire list.

    I'd rather pay $60 for 100 clicks on a quality list than $30 for a burnt out list.

    Asking questions and getting to know your vendors well before buying is pretty important.
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