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I'm about to send different sources of traffic to my site and i just have one issue right now.

I want to make sure i concentrate on sources that give the most targeted subscribers. In other words i want to know which traffic sources work. So how do i go about doing that?

Oh all traffic is going to a squeeze page.
I own aweber and i understand i can create many list names but that involves creating a new aweber email account per list name. Is there a more practical way to do this?

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    You can do a couple of things. Although not free, but affordable none-the-less... is probably your best option. It will handle the tracking for you... kind of like a Google Analytics for squeeze pages.

    Then there is of course Google Analytics and Goal Conversions. You can setup analytics on the squeeze pages on different links like optin1.html, optin2.html, etc. and then set the success page as optedin1.html, optedin2.html, etc. and that way you can track hits on the squeeze page in addition to conversions.

    But the quickest and most efficient way would be to use It has some benefits over Google Analytics because you can use a single optin page to test different elements of the squeeze page like the headline, graphics, etc. Eventually it just chooses the most successful combination of elements.

    With Google Analytics you would have to do all of that manually. has a $1 trial... so test it out and see if it works for you. If it doesn't then use my Google Analytics method above.
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      ok thanks i'll try to play around with google analytics and the conversion tracking software for now.

      I'll eventually move up to using another software.

      So if i get this correctly i should:

      Create a squeeze page for every traffic source (each squeeze page gets it's own list name)
      Setup analytics for each capture page
      And then see how traffic sources perform.
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        No. Just setup different pages. You can use the same list for each one. You are just tracking which is the most successful in converting signups. That is what the Google Anaylytics is for. The only reason you would have for creating a separate list is if you wanted to market to them using different methods.

        For example if one source of signups you wanted to be agressive with your promotions... and another list conservative... a separate list would be required to do that. Google Analytics handles all of the tracking.

        You just setup different links for the users to signup at. This is how you separate the tracking in Google Analytics. You would have optinpage1.html coming from source1 and have optinpage2.html coming from source2. Then you would go to Google Analytics and see that on optinpage2.html you converted on 5 out of 20 hits coming from source2. Then you could see that on optinpage1.html 15 out of 20 hits coming from source1 signed up.

        Does that make sense?
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