What Are Followup Messages Good For???

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I'm completely new to AWeber and noticed that they have a page that allows you to create follow up messages, so what is the relevance of follow up messages? Why are people telling me I shouldn't use them??
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    Originally Posted by nicolasmd2112 View Post

    I'm completely new to AWeber and noticed that they have a page that allows you to create follow up messages, so what is the relevance of follow up messages? Why are people telling me I shouldn't use them??
    I have not used aweber, or any such website yet at all. But i do believe it is the message that will be sent to your subscribers as soon as they signed up.
    A thank you is recommended.
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    so what is the relevance of follow up messages?
    To keep in touch with your subscribers. You can load up as many messages as you want and set a day for them to be sent automatically. You can also send "broadcasts" at any time without having them in your follow-up series.

    Why are people telling me I shouldn't use them??
    Because they don't know what they are talking about.

    Everything you need to know is in Awebers' knowledge base.
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    They are for building trust.

    Peope will not buy something from you on a whim.
    With an autoresponder series you can entertain, build the relationship and then sell.

    After they know you, like you and trust you it is way easier to get them
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    Originally Posted by nicolasmd2112 View Post

    Why are people telling me I shouldn't use them??
    Because they have absolutely no idea what they're talking about. You should stop listening to those people.

    There are two types of messages: "follow-ups" and "broadcasts". "Follow-ups" are just "normal, scheduled email series".

    Almost all my outgoing emails, to all my list subscribers, in all my niches, are "follow-ups". I almost never use the alternative ("broadcasts") for all the reasons explained in this thread: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ml#post7301227

    You know how people sometimes say that "Google is your friend"? Well, in this case, Aweber's "knowledge base" is your friend.
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    One of the benefits of using broadcasts over follow ups is that you can resend the email with a new subject line to those subscribes who did not open the original email.

    Another reason to use broadcasts is that you can send it whenever you want, to whichever segments you want.

    The benefits of using follow ups it that you can load a series of emails at once and they are delivered automatically to your list, in sequence, in a predetermined interval.

    You can do either, or both.

    There are merits and benefits to both. It depends on how you want to send your messages.
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    Followup messages will earn you money for years to come, all without you having to do any additional work. If I send out a broadcast email about an evergreen product, and it does very well, I then copy/past that message into a followup email to go out at a later date. In more than six years no one has ever told me they received an identical email a month later, and my bottom line has certainly increased.
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      Follow up messages are an excellent way to build a relationship with your potential customers. This way they will get to know and trust you and will more likely buy things from you.

      So long as you do it correctly and don't just send buy my stuff, buy my stuff emails as people will unsubscribe from your list quickly.

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    I got rid of all but one of my followup messages and use broadcast for everything now. Much happier.

    The only time I would use a followup would be in some small niche minisite where I offered a 7-part series as my freebie for example - where each email was meant to inform and convert.

    For my main list, I have my initial welcome email - in that I offer my freebie link and tell them how I run my list so they know whether to unsubscribe right away.

    I don't like monitoring followups for evergreen material. I prefer current, up to date communications that are highly personalized with my list, too. So I would rather have a broadcast email going out today that mentions in passing what we're going through in Texas today before I talk business - than have some generic "anytime" email that isn't me, but me five years ago.
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    FollowUp Messages:

    - Good for "Identification" (a reasonable posting frequency it's part of the relationship with your list).

    - Bad to kill that relationship with crap.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Originally Posted by nicolasmd2112 View Post

    I'm completely new to AWeber and noticed that they have a page that allows you to create follow up messages, so what is the relevance of follow up messages? Why are people telling me I shouldn't use them??
    I strongly recommend going through Aweber's training videos (and articles). Some marketers don't use the follow up messages and some do. It will depend on what kind of business you have and how you want your content delivered to your prospects and/or customers.

    In general terms, follow up messages are like your automated pre-selling and selling machine(s). They work while you're asleep or sipping on margaritas at some far away Island. For many marketers they are a big reason for an increase in profits as well as building relationship(s) with your subscriber base.

    "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
    - Jim Rohn
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      There is no one size fits all. It really just depends on your niche. Follow-up messages are good to build continuity and trust. Studies has shown that it takes people an average of 7 times to be exposed to a marketing message before they decide to buy. Many people just will not buy (or even so much as trust you) in the first encounter, but warm them up a bit with some great followups and the climate can definitely change. Remember: "The Power Is In The Followup!"

      As far as broadcast messages go, there is definitely a place for this. Yes it does break the cycle of normal, expected routine messaging cycle - but sometime that's necessary if there's some very time-sensitive interesting news you need to share with your niche audience - and you know they would appreciate you notifying them immediately.

      So in summary, it really just depends on your niche. Some niches work well for you to set-up evergreen followup messages - other niches require that you keep you finger on the pulse with what's going on right NOW which tends to call for broadcast messaging - then there are those niches that work well with a mixture of both followups & broadcasts.
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    Follow up messages give you the opportunity to continually contact your leads, and give you the opportunity to boost your leads to sales ratio. They say that it takes 7 contacts before a sale will be made... and this number is true in some of the smaller niches online. But you will never reach 7 contacts if you dont have multiple follow up messages in your autoresponder.
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    Yes, use these to build trust. Create familiarity with your brand. Prove to the end user that you provide value, and they should not to mark your messages as spam/unsubscribe.
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    Autoresponders are able to send a series of emails on a set
    schedule—like every other day—without further input from the
    sender. These scripts have revolutionized email marketing and
    every internet marketer uses such a service—or at least should be
    using such a service.

    Now there are several reasons why you should use follow email
    series, the most important of which are:

    1. Marketing tests have shown that prospects are more likely to
    make a purchase the more they are exposed to an advertisement.
    In fact, prospects may require up to 7 contacts with an ad before
    they buy. An autoresponder series allows you to contact the
    subscriber several times as against a single visit to your
    website and thus increases the likelihood of making the sale. In
    my experience, you can double your conversion rate (sales) by
    simply adding an autoresponder series to your sales process.

    2. The use of an autoresponder helps to automate your email
    marketing so you can set it and forget it. Because you’re direct
    involvement is not necessary after the first set up, this
    automation frees up your time that you can use in other forms of

    3. By its very nature an email is more personal to a prospect
    than reading a sales letter on a website. The subscriber’s inbox
    is regarded as a personal space and any message there is
    perceived as more personal than when read from a website.

    4. An autoresponder series can build a relationship with the
    prospect over time which a ‘one shot’ sales letter cannot
    accomplish. As the prospect continues to receive emails from
    you, the repeated contacts say you’re concerned about them
    receiving the benefits from your product or service.

    5. You are able to offer ‘bite-size’ information for those
    prospects who find it tedious to read through a 25-page long
    sales letter on one sitting. The series of emails also allows
    you to try different persuasion techniques to target different
    types of prospects.

    6. Only a 20-30% of your subscribers will open your email the
    first time it goes out, so follow up becomes even more

    -Ray Edwards
    The most powerful and concentrated copywriting training online today bar none! Autoresponder Writing Email SECRETS
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