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    My host recommended using hard-to-break passwords (if you aren't already), not using 'admin' as your login, and activating Cloudflare.

    Here's a good article on the attack:
    Mass WordPress Attacks Spread, Brute-Forcing Admin Passwords
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    Cool tip: create an admin user account with an insane password and set it as subscriber level. It's a great way to keep em busy ;-)

    One problem with WP is that if you don't have the admin account, then they start trying to find out what your actual UN is.
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        Originally Posted by MovingAround View Post

        LOL good tip! Only problem is that we don't want to keep them busy if it is a bruteforce attack of this magnitude as so many password recalls takes a huge amount of server resources.

        It's a good tip for the amateurish attacks though
        Glad you liked it. :-)

        I'm not sure how big of a site this is, but why not block all traffc to the wp-admin directory via .htaccess until they stop?

        Throw a caching plugin on the front end in case they decide to move onto the front-end.

        Just tossing out some ideas to help
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          I'm looking at the names bruteforcers are using in attempts to log into my own WP sites, if you avoid the following as your login name you should be fine;
          admin = BIGGEST ONE
          admin 1
          Your Posting Name: If you make posts under the name Joe Doe, make sure your WP admin login isn't Joe Doe.
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