One Thing I Just Don't Get!

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Everyday I go in here (yeh 10-20 times a day). I see people
ask: do this work? Anyone into..? I give u..? Etc.

Then there are people who give away top information what do
work and how to do it. What do you do with it? Seriously, it
looks like everyone want to invent the wheel and find the new
stuff that by accident just make them rich.

It has been said:

- Article Marketing. (Traffic)
- Affiliate Products. (Income)
- Opt-in List. (Reccuring Income)
- Offers. (Keep Cash Rolling)

Now if you build sites based on quality content with affiliate
products and have your own list to grab they who are interested
in what you sell/promote. Can that MAYBE be working since THEY
who are online 24/7 just do that?

The veichle is there. BUT it does take time. Take Work. And YES
it mostly takes money. Oh is like the real world eh

And if you are lost in space. Use wordpress. Use CB. Use aweber.
Use most of all your brain (My brain i snamed Google). Last time
you bought something online, why and how did you do it?

FFA? Nope
FREE Classified Ads? Nope
Banner? Nope
Mailing List? Maybe
Google Search? Yeh kinda.
Reading A Good Article? Hmmm.. getting close.
Recommended by a friend? Yeh...

Well, list it down Cause what YOU do many others probably do
something very close, right? Or at least start there. Cause I bet
there are way more people like you. And if it caught your attention,
copy what you did and apply it to your customers. And copy what
made you throw money onto something.

Good Luck,

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