Video Course: To PIP or Not To PIP

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Hey there,

I'm working on my new product which is a video course. I use Screenflow which makes it very easy to add a picture-in-picture (PIP) within the video.

I use this for my most of my marketing videos. I'll be in the corner somewhere as I explain the screencast. I've gotten a lot of compliments on that effect. But that's mostly for one-off videos. How would you feel about PIP if it was a video course you paid for?

I'm leaning towards not using PIP for the whole video and spare folks from looking at my mug the whole time.

Perhaps have my mug in the intro then fad out and just have the tutorial. Or would it make people feel like I'm right there through the whole process with them?

Your thoughts appreciated.


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    I don't think the video should be in all the time but to emphasize a point and used sparingly
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    I think people will find PIP all the time very distracting. By all means ave it at the beginning, and perhaps have some full-screen video at various points to break things up, but use it sparingly.
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