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I know some say each subscriber is worth a $1 but in my case its not. I have over 500 subscribers and not making even $100 bucks with listbuilding.

I have a great squeeze page that converts and a FREE list building report written by me. I promote affiliate products only and sometimes have someone on the warrior forum (great guy with great reviews) write me followup emails.

Is 500 subscribers to early to get too many sales? I don't have my own product but do have PLR products (the only sales I made so far)

I notice most people Sign up with name and email and after getting their free report they don't bother opening up emails any longer.

What should I offer after they signup? Free Report, PLR product I have, ebooks on various topics?

Thank you
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    Yeah I hear that $1/sub/month but I think that's a little exaggerated. Not impossible... there's just a lot of factors like how good you are marketing, the quality of your list, the niche and affiliate deals, etc. I've heard a much more realistic goal to shoot for is $0.30-$0.50 per.

    I think 500 is a great place to start. I've heard PLR is really hit or miss and you're better off building your own products, or getting juicy affiliate deals directly from the source. You should offer whatever is super relevant to your niche that would help them out that you get a decent commission off of.
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      Yeah I hear that $1/sub/month but I think that's a little exaggerated. Not impossible...
      Sorry, $1 is the biggest myth in the world of email marketing. There is no factual information to prove that $1 per subscriber is an average amount you should be making.

      ***The following comes from my experience in the offline small business world (my job is to increase Lifetime customer Value) but it applies here.***

      Here are a few things that will alter your interaction (and sells) with your subscribers.

      1. a cheaply made ebook given away via a a squeeze page will normally lead to cheap subscribers (in many cases), unless you know your marketing..

      2.If you aren't extremely specific on your subscribers current skill level, current knowledge and experience it'll be very difficult for you to make a sell.

      3. your subscribers start off looking at you as if you are a stranger. you're nothing but a spammer to them in the beginning. so it is your J-O-B to give them a reason to see you as a friend, then as an expert, then a trusted adviser.

      4. again, you have to know how to market. To know how to market you have to know how to disguise "SELLING' as a form of information or value. And to do that you have to know what your subscribers value and want.

      the amount you earn from your list is subjective. at the end of the day it comes down to offering the right product, to the right people at the right time.

      If you were your subscriber...would you buy from those same emails????

      (btw, i have lists that make well over $1, by a long shot. and I also have some that earn a little under. all different niches, all different situations.)
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    I guess the money people are talking about when it comes to list building not only refers to product/affiliate sales but also solo ads.
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    $1 per month is just a figure that has been thrown around for years and doesn't really mean much. I hate seeing numbers like that because (like yourself) people hear those numbers and think that is the norm and what is to be expected. So even if you were able to earn $1/month you would then be likely to stop trying to get even more than that because you think it is what you should be getting.

    To be perfectly honest I think $1/month is actually quite low. I definitely do multiples of that but it depends on many things. How was your list built? What were people expecting when they joined your list? Are the products you recommend highly targeted to the reason people originally opted into your list? Do you only promote stuff to your list or do you also provide them with valuable free content? Do your subscribers have a reason to open your emails or do they just see your email and think it's another pitch so they don't bother opening it?

    My list is mostly made up of buyers not freebie seekers which also helps things a lot.
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    Originally Posted by JohnPeters1983 View Post

    What should I offer after they signup?
    A hugely important question. And one to which the answer - if you get it wrong - will determine that people won't open your future emails.

    Explained here:

    Respectfully, John, you're in the wrong niche. It's not exactly an "optimal" way for you to start, by building a list in the "list-building niche" when you're not yourself successful in that niche. One way and another, it's kind of "asking for problems". Sorry.

    Starting off in IM/MMO niches is probably the single commonest mistake that beginning affiliate marketers make, and the single commonest reason for their not becoming successful.
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      Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

      Starting off in IM/MMO niches is probably the single commonest mistake that beginning affiliate marketers make, and the single commonest reason for their not becoming successful.
      Exactly. But that's not to say it can't be done and there have been plenty of people who have actually used this to their advantage. If you are not a professor at something, don't claim to be. People will see right through you and when trust is lacking so will be the money in your bank account.

      If I were in your position I would most likely work on not trying to teach others how to build lists but instead use the angle of allowing others to follow your journey in becoming a successful list builder.

      There are plenty of people in your exact position who would love to follow your journey, see what works for you and what doesn't work, and as you go along you can recommend products and service you yourself are using as part of your journey. It makes your story a lot more genuine and will separate you from all the other marketers who are trying to teach people things they don't actually know how to do themselves.
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    in 2007 my average earnings were 1.40$ per optin. in 2013 my average earnings are 0.60-0.70 per optin..... in 2016 it will be 0.30 per opt-in....(i think)
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    Completely depends on your niche, and skill level.

    I've made well over $1 a month per sub.
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    everyone is so focused on making money from their list that they end up making nothing

    when you stop thinking "how can i make money from my list" and start thinking "how can i provide some killer value to my list" instead this is when you will start to see results

    your list is where you build a tribe of followers that love your stuff but you do have to put in the work in the first place to build some trust and credibility

    any idiot can just build a list and send affiliate links to their subscribers but building a list of raving customers and subscribers that trust what you say is much harder

    build trust and credibility with your subscribers and the money will follow
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    its all about the value you deliver, stop chasing money and let money chase you. Position yourself as an authority and stop looking for money, help others and the money will come in time

    Build a Real Online Business from scratch today!
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    It's impossible to say how much you "should" from 1 sub/month.
    There are far to many factors to take into account.
    Just try to provide quality information to your list and you'll see an increase in earnings eventually.

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    What you have to remember is that it IS about the 'relationship' you have with your list and how targeted they are to what you are offering.

    Have you ever surveyed your list?

    It's a great way to find out EXACTLY what they want and when you know what they want, give it to them for FREE.

    They'll love you afterwards and trust you enough to buy from you in the future.
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