Website Monetization Problem. Please Advice!

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I have started some new websites. I am getting traffic to those sites but i am not able to earn any revenue from them. I have tried putting CPC ads on my site but not getting any clics, putting CPA banner ads on my site but didn't got any conversions. The only way i am able to monetize them are using Infolins ads but its earning me really low compared to the amount of traffic i am getting.

Could anyone please suggest a better way to monetize my websites. I want to earn atleast $10-$12 per day.
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    You have to make sure you are targeting people that are in the same niche as your website....and your ads need to be congruent with your website the very least they need something in common with your site so your visitors can relate to the ads.

    In other words you can not have say a dog training site and have ads running for joining an mlm unless that mlm sells products for animals. Without knowing what your site is about and how you are trying to currently monetize it makes it very hard to explain what I mean. You can contact me if you would like further information.
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      -I 2nd that.

      Also, try putting a form on your site where visitors could put in their email in exchange for a freebie of some sort (again, depending on your niche).

      Then you can follow up with them through emails and promote your stuff.
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    Thanks Maggie143 and robledo1 for your helpful suggestions. @ Maggie143 most of my traffic is from search engines so i think my visitors are targeted however my ads might not be. Could you please tell me where can i get targeted ads from? Or if you have any better idea?

    @ robledo1, i thought about this also earlier but i don't know how to send follow up messages, how to promote them etc. I don't have much experience with IM. Could you please direct me to any helpful resource which teaches all that?

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    The right monetization depends on your niche. Maybe you could go with Adsense if your keywords have a high CPC and you get enough traffic, otherwise it could be CJ Ads or Clickbank.

    If it's a really weird niche maybe you could create your own product and sell it on your blog.
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    It's depends on what kind of traffic you are getting and what niche you are on. If you are getting niche targeted traffic then you can try putting some affiliate products links from ClickBank, ClickSure or Amazon. Also as suggested above you must collect emails.
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