How much do you spend on making your own products/wsos and breaking even/profit?

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Hey fellow warriors, I'm currently working on my 2nd WSO right now and wanted to know how much other fellow product creators have spent making their products.

For my first product, I spent about $641 total on various outsourcing about a year ago to create some unique material tailored only to myself. I decided to add it all in my first product after doing some tweaks. Here's the total math:

Product Guide and Sales Page: Free (Did everything myself)
Outsourcing Various Material: $641
WarriorPlus License: $20
WSO Post: $40
Warrior Affiliate Forum Post Bump: $40
Warrior Pre-Review Thread: $5

Total Prior to release: $746

After release: WarriorPlus License, WSO Post, Warrior Affiliate Forum Post Bump, Warrior Pre-Review Thread all paid back within the first day.

Outsourcing Fees were finally paid back in 2 weeks so I finally broke even.

After 2 weeks and aside from the occasional WSO bump, everything is profit.

So far, I've already spent about $50 on various outsourcing for my 2nd WSO and I think I may just hit around $150 total for it's pre-release. After realizing I spent waaaay too much for material for the first WSO, I played it alot smarter this time around.

My 3rd WSO is not going to require much outsourcing since I'm required to write the material based on my own experiences (which is something that can't be outsourced), and I believe it will probably be my best selling one. I'm probably looking only at $20 or a little more not counting the WarriorForum posts/bumps.

So that's my experience so far, how about you guys?
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