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I have seen a few people asking about this and linking in articles etc. So I thought I would quickly code one for everyone.

Just put this in a file called "specialoffer.php" and change the list and add your affiliate links and give it a nickname. Then upload it to your server.

You can then quickly create links such as:<nickname>

Where <nickname> is the short name you create in the list (see code)


    // Easy Affiliate Link Redirect
    // Freebie for Warriors
    // Copyright 2008 "The Manic Marketer"
    // To Redirect to an affiliate URL add them to the list below. To use this link you can use the following URL
    // format which will redirect to the correct affiliate link. Just swap <NICKNAME> with the nickname shown in the list below.
    $affiliatelinks = array (
        // Format: Nickname - Link
        "link1"   => "",
        "link2"   => "",
        "link3"   => "",
    // Just add new ones to the list using the format above

    $link=$_REQUEST["link"]; // General Affiliate Link
    if (!empty($link) && array_key_exists($link, $affiliatelinks)){
        header("Location: ".$affiliatelinks[$link]);
    } else { 
        // If the link does not exist then redirect to a default page
        header("Location: 404.html"); 
Hope you find this useful...
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