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I would just like to impart some advice to those who are new to the forum here. Something that I found out and am seeing as I read through the forum lately. This is just some information to keep in mind while you spend your time here at this very moment and for about the next year or year and a half from now.

When I first started coming to the WF, back in 2010, I started posting questions, and answering some, basically becoming a part of the daily activity here and getting involved. There were also plenty of people that joined during the time I was new to the forum. Like within 6 months before I came and about 6 months after I have joined. Basically a years span with my joining right in the middle. Yes that's quit a few people you can say.

A small percentage of them have become successes and a small percent have not. Most of that small percentage faded out quickly. There are a lot of people's names I still see around here and posting but haven't really progressed further than they were back in 2010.

At the time I joined a well known marketer started a weekly internet marketing chat. The chat was done on GVO which is both an audio and video chat. There was some AWESOME marketers that were a part of that and who hosted weekly show on every topic known to internet marketing. Because of my own success, and being known here on the WF, I also ended up with my own show geared toward newbies. It was an AWESOME time and wonderful memories. BUT!

The show is gone now. Most of the people that was around at that time I haven't seen or herd from in awhile. I did manage to make friends with some top marketers who did weekly shows which was also an AWESOME opportunity.

In short the moral of my story here is take a look at who's being activity, who's progressing and accomplishing things while you are here. Are there any activities going on, any seminars given where there are speakers that you know from the forum? Ever heard of the WarriorEvent? A lot of the marketers who speak at that event are my friends now due in great part to the forum here. This is where I meet all of them. Actually the two guys that put on the event, Brian McLeod and Sam England I know and have helped me in a great way. I'm actually a member of Fast Effective Copy, which I recommend to anyone looking to become a copywriter.

Basically you'll find that there'll be people who you see on the forum everyday who end up going on to bigger things and there'll be those who fade away to never be heard from again. In between will be A LOT of people who still hang around here, posting and being active but not really progressing anywhere.

Which one will you be? Will you join up with the movers and shakers? Or will you go the other way? It's all about determination, drive, will to succeed, and NEVER, NEVER, EVER giving up or except failure as an option.

Take note of who's helping you and who you see every day answering questions. Because those who you know now who are serious will EVENTUALLY start getting clients, making products, starting blogs, writing ebooks and information products and before you know it they are too busy to devote the time to posting like they use to. Eventually they'll slowly slip away into running and managing their own business.

You'll see them now and then, maybe you'll here they are speaking at some event but you can't afford to go. You'll see their book on Amazon, or another person on the forum recommending their product or service, as I did above.

The bottom line is take note of what's happening each and everyday on the forum. The friends you end up making here make sure you stay in touch. Be proactive in both your business and social activities.

I hope you all achieve and attain the success you're looking for here on the WarriorForum.

I owe a lot of my success to this forum and the friendships made while here. This is both my THANK YOU to those who've helped me along "you know who you are if you ever stumble onto this" and to let those who are here now know what will eventually happen to them a year or two from now as you stop by here and start thinking back on your first memories here.

Enjoy the forum and understand one thing. WF is a stepping stone, a launching platform if you will. Just make sure if your goal is to jump as HIGH as you can that you have strong enough thighs and legs to land on if you miss your goal and have to jump again. But remember one thing!

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    Great moral of the story, hang in there and don't give up.
    Right now things look dark. I get barely any traffic etc etc. But my dream will not fade away
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    It is a very nice read for all member of WF. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience. :-)
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    Very nice summary to make people more aware of what to expect from themselves. Because you're right. Time can go by and if these things sit in the back of your mind slowly progressing it may take you a very long time to reach your goals if ever. I've been on here for about two years now. and only in the past few months I've really been doing well for myself. People just have to keep reminding themselves what they want out of the knowledge they gain here.

    Great post.
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    Nice read, buddy.

    Thanks a lot for putting this together. I just love how clearly you stated everything.

    You are pretty spot-on with what you have written.
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    Things are evolving. You can not so the same thing for ever, so we should make every change a positive one. Wonderful things are happening and we must learn from them and then keep going. Take every finish as a new start.
    Great post, by the way. :-)
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    Thanks for taking the time to write this very nice post.

    I shared it on Twitter, Google+ and my Fan Page.
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    Without any doubt WF is one of the best learning curve for me in IM ... i can not imagine learning all this even from a mentor ...

    Thanks for this great post ... its a great reminder that we owe a lot to this great community ...
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    Regarding some request, I'll post the names of those who were active around my time and helped me out. All in different ways. Each person has both their strong points and weaknesses. Sometimes you'll see your same weaknesses in another person, that is if you're honest with yourself.

    Members that I've seen still around on the forum.

    Alexa Smith
    Kay King
    Tina Golden
    Steven Wagenheim
    Jill Carpender
    Lisa Gergets

    These people if you see them. Don't think they post much anymore

    WD Mino
    Brad Spencer
    Caleb Spilchen
    Frank Donovan

    I'm sure there are more but they don't come to mind right now. Another lesson, try to make an impression on those you're trying to help along the way offering your advice. You never know when you're going to make a lasting impression.
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