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Hi guys,
I noticed that many PLR products have the sales pages with the same structure. For example, these: Blogging Bounty and Health And Wellness In The 21st Century
I think they are written by the same writer, so maybe you guys know, who is it? or maybe it's some template or so?
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  • Hi PureGreen, there are not mistery writers around
    This is just the same person that uses a simple HTML template for the sales letters.
    And if you search on Google for "html templates" or "sales letter html templates" you will find some good ones too.

    See you soon,
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    Does it matter if they are written or not by the same writer? What are you interested in, exaclty? The pattern? The template? The author himself?
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    The pattern
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      Originally Posted by puregreen View Post

      The pattern
      Why don't you try making one of your own. :p Then others will be asking this question in the future
      I personally like being creative, that is why I consider I need to give it a try. You have already been given some place to look into, and this could be the start.
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        Both of those sales pages seem to be from the same source. It's not really very surprising that they'd be the same format, is it?
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          They probably came in a PLR package...
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            Every time I see the title of this thread, I keep expecting it to be about Conan Doyle or someone like that ...
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    There are lots of sales page templates out there. Some are decent some, not so much. Some writers take their offer and tailor it to fit the template. I didn't look too closely at the samples you put up but that might be the explanation.
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