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Hello Warriors,

1. Do I need to place explicit copyright notice on the website, as the material I write and post on my website is automatically copyrighted to me, correct?
2. If I recommend a recipe on a diet/food/cooking, should I place disclaimer?
3. Should I place disclaimers on the website that is only prepared by an attorney based on my question 2?

I was thinking that only when I make claims that you will make so and so dollars in so many days or you will lose so many pounds in so many days kind of claims, I need to place disclaimers.

Please advise.

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    1. You don't need to, but it doesn't hurt to have a copyright notice to remind others your material is copyrighted.

    Some, not knowing the law, may think your site is not copyrighted if it does not have a notice, so having the notice can reduce the use of your content.

    2. A disclaimer for a recipe? Probably not required. The overall context is important.

    If you are recommending a yummy pudding recipe generally no disclaimer is likely needed.

    If you are recommending a yummy pudding recipe for people with a certain condition or allergy, who need recipes without certain ingredients or side effects, then a certain disclaimer may be needed.

    3. Disclaimers are not just for income claims or losing a certain number of pounds. They can be needed to explain an affiliate connection or for some other reason.

    There are two primary reasons for disclaimers:

    First, to cover your butt so you don't get sued if the recommended product / service / recipe does not work out for someone.

    Second, to inform and disclose biases that affect your recommendation, such as being paid to make the recommendation.

    I won't say something prepared by an attorney is always required. But I will say there is a constant stream of problems my law office sees because an amateur or do it yourself term was used. Often, there is more to preventing legal problems than just the disclaimer wording.

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      Thank you kindly "kindsvater". Your answers help me immensely as I am new to this internet marketing.

      Now, if I want to get some ideas as to what kind of disclaimers to place on my website, ebook and so on, can you recommend offline books or online resources that won't put a dent in my wallet?

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        Peter, there are various coupons floating around for my Internet Marketing Law Center. If you are only looking for a freebie I do not have any recommendations. The Webmaster's Legal Guide, included in the membership area, was originally created because Warriors were getting burned by "free" legal terms that many were downloading from a certain resource.

        But it appears you now asking for something a little broader than whether a disclaimer is needed for a referral to a recipe.

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