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I have just completed my first WSO and I'm on the fence on if I should sell it or give it away for free.

On one hand free seems like it would help build my list pretty quickly and paid obviously has the benefits of whatever list I do build being a list of buyers.

Does anyone have experience posting free WSO's? How does the traffic convert to buyers?

General recommendations for a first timer?

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    What you could do is charge like $1-$2 for it.

    Give 100% commission.

    This way - you will gain affiliates who send your product to their list. Thus increasing your product's exposure.

    While at the same time increasing your list of buyers. Even tho the product cost $1-$2 - you now know they have a credit card and are willing to use it.
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    Free first is definitely a great way to get yourself out there and begin your list. It also lets you build some credibility if you haven't done a WSO yet. If you want, you could do the product as free and you could provide a OTO to sell. Just make sure it is something around the $4 or $7 price point. If someone is signing up for a free product, they wouldn't be looking to buy something too expensive on the back end.
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    you can easily convert the traffic to buyers and to be honest a lot of the traffic which you get from free wso's have probably bought a wso at some stage anyway

    the key is to have a good front end product and also a good email campaign that goes out over the next 7 days

    i have launched a fair few wso's and always make sales

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    Buyers are always better than freebie seekers and yes you will get more subs from a free WSO than from a paid one but they will be worth less.

    I've experiemented with free and paid WSO's and found that a cheap $1 WSO can get at least 50% the amount of subs that a free one can and I'd rather have those buyers than tons of freebies. At least the buyers have proved they CAN buy.
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      FREE works, but this site is all IM'ers so we know that FREE means Opt-in and me personally I stay away from FREE products on WF I know that may seem strange, but the free stuff I have downloaded seemed to be general or rushed stuff... Stuff that provided no value... Stuff that I could have GOOGLED

      My suggestion is that if it is truly worth $7-17 bucks or more and provides great value then sell it... People will buy it and you still get opt-in]

      If it's not worth the money or you know that created the FREE product just for an opt-in then make it FREE don't waste people's time.

      ***DISCLAIMER*** I am not saying that all FREE products are garbage, but people who put their all into a product don't give it away for free.
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    I am not saying that all FREE products are garbage, but people who put their all into a product don't give it away for free.
    This isn't always true. A lot of people give away crappy free WSO's thinking they'll build a list and make loads of money but they don't get anywhere but there are still plenty of decent free WSO's out there.
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