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Hello Warriors ,

Today I just wanted to share with you 3 things that I think it is really important to succeed in this business .

The first thing , you need to be consistent :
meaning you need to promote your business every day , send email to your list , create content . you need to concentrate in the things that bring you more money (traffic , building your list )

The second thing , you need to reinvest in your business:
every profit you make , you need to reinvest 10% or more to either place an ad , upgrade your blog , whatever you think will make your business grow pay for it this is your business .

The third thing is reading everyday:
this is a non ending process , you need to read blog posts , forums , books about IM. you always need to update your knowledge thats why you read , and you always learn something new.

We are creatures of habit , and if you do this every day in your business , you will get used to this like drinking coffee every day , and you will get better and better .

I hope this helps .
Please share your thoughts and add more points if you like
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