would you invest $1,000-$5,000 in solo ads.

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I see a lot of threads about solo ads, but how much would you be willing to invest, assuming you found some good providers? I would require some money back before I invest that much, and if I ever invest over $500 on solo's ill have to have a killer funnel.

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    I think it depends on individual circumstances, some people do invest more than you mentioned,,, but then you have to have reliable providers..
    Also if someone is new into, then he needs to do testing before investing big money into it.
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    Its a great way to generate traffic but you have to find someone honest and reliable - I used someone recently and they failed to deliver even though they came recommended.
    I would suggest always testing them with a small purchase and see how they perform

    Hope that helps
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    Do you have the $1000 - $5000 to invest?
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

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    I would and I have. It depends on lots of things though, and I would start with a smaller amount and gauge results before I spent that much money.
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    As all the other warriors said , invest small amount , then if you are getting profit , scale it up .
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    If you trial it with a small amount and they convert then no reason not to scale it up to $1-$5k assuming you trust the vendor to deliver.
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    Don't blow it all. Start small. Ramp it up slowly.
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    Invest a small amount in different solo ad vendors and once you find your winners, scale it up with them over and over.
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      Originally Posted by rmolina88 View Post

      Invest a small amount in different solo ad vendors and once you find your winners, scale it up with them over and over.
      yes, this guy said it best.
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    If it works initially, then I would consider scaling up at that point.
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    I would recommend starting out with 50 to 100 click solo ads to see if you get ROI on
    your opt-ins/offers before you "go big" with your solo ad investments.

    Have you bought solo ads before ? Did you get a good ROI ?

    Yours truly,
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    oh yeagh, I buy solo ads all the time, I'm just wondering how lucrative you guys you think they are and how much you would be willing to really invest.

    I ran solos with the home business agency and got good results, these solos aren't cheap either.
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    Buying solo ads?

    It's all about starting small, fine tuning, building on success and scaling. So invest as you start to see success. If you're constantly getting under 10% opt-in rate you need to do some serious work before you invest more. Ideally you'd want to be getting 30-40% opt-ins and enough sales to cover your ad costs before scaling...

    Martin Platt

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      Originally Posted by MartinPlatt View Post

      Buying solo ads?

      It's all about starting small, fine tuning, building on success and scaling. So invest as you start to see success. If you're constantly getting under 10% opt-in rate you need to do some serious work before you invest more. Ideally you'd want to be getting 30-40% opt-ins and enough sales to cover your ad costs before scaling...
      I agree with Martin on this one. My solo's average 50% optin rate, with my last one being 57.8% which I was really pleased about.

      It's all about striking a balance with what you invest being enough to gather the data you need to tweak your funnel till it's profitable for you. Then once you are at the point where you are not only covering your investment in the solo's but making a little on top, you can scale it up.

      To me buying solo's is not about making a killing on front end sales. It's about cost effectively building a high quality list for as little as possible. If you cover your costs then you're building the list for free!

      Then you can concentrate on building a relationship with an ever increasng subscriber base and make long term money off your list that way.

      So if your opt in's are between 30 to 50% you're on the right track, and if your front end sales cover the costs, your list building for free!

      I have a pretty good list of high quality solo providers broken down into catagories including a very important section of ones to AVOID like the plague!

      If anyone want's a copy feel free to PM me ok!

      Wishing you all the best with your ads buddy!

      Andy Benson
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  • Here is my view on it, I started to gain a lot of experience from being part of an extensive solo ad coaching program. The solo ad market is getting VERY SATURATED because there are many solo ad sellers out there.

    In addition to that, there are a number of solo ad coaching programs where they coach you to build a solo ad business where you can make thousands of dollars a month selling solo ads.

    The problem is so many people are now selling solo ads and the majority of solo ads out there are JUNK. They are nothing more then selling RECYCLED CLICKS. People that sell solo ads care about one thing, which is delivering CLICKS. So the people on their lists are getting bombarded with messages all the time, as a result the value of subscribers on that list is quite low.

    Yes you can get a few odd sales here and there from buying solo ads. Also build a "list" but it will be a list of mainly recycled clicks. The people on your list are also going to be on 20-30 other IM lists and less than 1% will click on your e-mails. That is how solo ads are becoming.

    Way too saturated and the ethics of it is becoming blurred.

    I personally wouldn't invest that kind of money in solo ads. Even the top solo ad sellers won't be able to deliver that many quality clicks. You'll end up losing.
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    For me, you need to invest in smaller amount and see whether you make profits or not. After that invest in solo ads around $250-$500 repeatedly until $1,000-$5,000 and make sure the opt-in rates are optimum. Make sure you make enough money to cover the solo ads cost. Don't just burn all the $1,000-$5,000 in solo ads. That IF you know how to find a reliable and trusted sellers.

    But if you know PPC better, I would recommend it. Even though it's much more expensive and take much longer time, but at least the traffics are highly targeted, responsive and not saturated compared with the solo ads traffics.
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    Absolutely I would DEPENDING on the list vendor.

    Like others in this thread have already stated, best to start off small and actually test....

    #1 - the quality of the list
    #2 - if your particular offer converts with that vendors list

    In the past I've purchased a solo of one person and the offer has done really well.

    But then, i go buy some more off another vendor and it bombs. Like everything else it's just a case of test, tweak and improve i guess
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    Before you invest that type of money you need to first make sure your funnel converts ie:

    your squeeze page gets a good opt in rate

    your front end product converts fairly well (10% on a $5 product or 5% on a $10 product) those numbers will be fine to make some good money back

    and your emails are able to convert freebies to buyers

    also I would make sure you have an upsell after they buy your first offer because I made this change and added an upsell into my first funnel moths and months ago and it made my solo campaigns way way more profitable

    once you know your numbers then you can plough some big money into paid traffic and solo ads

    if you go into it blind and you don't know your numbers you will lose an absolute fortune

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    Ya before you buy traffic you definitely need to test it out to see what your ROI is. If you are getting a positive return then rinse and repeat and keep investing more... but if not it would be pretty stupid to invest thousands of dollars with little return
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    I have read somewhere a good business model for investing in solo ads and building a business fast.

    It recommended $10K to invest if you are starting from complete scratch and takes around 3-4 months to get into profit again
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    well i would invest max 1000$ and then when u have a list of 1000 to 2000 emails you start swapping with other for free instead of keep paying money.
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    First you need to have some money management before you really launch your idea, work, job etc.

    I mean the risk and reward was every beginner's first step, and then their experience, success and scale up.

    I'd like to advise you never be greed and everyone's story is not your story, you probably heard alot of success on the IM about how they earn with solo ads, but my advise to you is, test it small.
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      Invest slowly.

      Review accordingly!

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    The best way is to try a few providers and see what kind of ROI your getting from each. Then scale it up with the ones that work and ditch the ones with low ROI.

    Sinking that kind of cash into something without adequately testing just seems foolish to be honest.

    Good luck
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      In fact we been experimenting with different solo ads and find out that even some free solo ads give good results. Also some of the paid once give no results at all (1-4 clicks a month). So it is all about testing. Some agencies provide good quality ads and you will see that from buying the cheapest option. If it works, then yes I would invest even more that that.

      Happy to share 18 years experience in MLM/IM. Not doing any other work for over 7 years now. Accredited as a coach by 3 companies I worked with after completing a course of education and passing exams. HND in Business, Economics, Accounting, Market Research, Market Development, Management.
      Love to Learn - Love to Teach!

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    It is a good idea to set up a budget aside for your online business. But you will want to start off small first as you will want to test different version of the squeeze page and different sales funnel so that you will get the best conversion.

    Once the testing is done already, then I will proceed with getting more traffic to go to the funnel. That is what I will personally do
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      I agree with with invest slowly and scale up after you try the optins you got and see if you can sell them something before you buy new solo ads from the same vendor.

      It is good to have a big list but a small buyers list is better.
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    Solo Ads on the WF in 2013=BUM Marketing on the WF in 2007
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    • Originally Posted by Ryan David View Post

      Solo Ads on the WF in 2013=BUM Marketing on the WF in 2007
      Well said! Getting over-saturated and just OLD NEWS.... simply doesn't work anymore.
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  • If I was making more then I spent, of course I would invest that.

    Start small, test, make sure it makes $$$, if it does, continue.
    Pick a product. Pick ANY product! -> 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9
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    I would invest that in a product launch for hiring a launch manager to get you affiliates, for a copywriter, and any other expenses of the launch. Then you build a list of buyers instead of freebie seekers.

    Then you have a "killer funnel" on the backend that will very likely convert way higher than a freebie list would.k

    You will make some money on the launch, unless you do 100% for the whole funnel to affiliates, and then you will make money on the backend to your newly acquired buyer list.

    With that budget, that's what I'd rather do.
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    If you really are serious with the business and you "exactly" have the knowledge necessary in order for that particular decision to be profitable enough.. then it's a big YES for sure. But if you're not sure with anything or not even sure with so many things to consider...it's a big NO.

    Overall, MONEY is on the list,.. that's not a myth but one big TRUTH

    EDITED to ADD:

    ..and Ohh, one Internet Guy have said.. "YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO WALK, BEFORE YOU CAN RUN!"
    Well, I hope that makes sense
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    Not at all, with that kind of money you can hire somebody to create a good product for you, and sell it here and in other platforms, then you'll have a great buyers list.

    You can also hire a good coach for that money!
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    I know several people who have had great success with solo ads. But as the other warriors have said, there is a learning curve. I would definitely suggest setting up a funnel, as you suggested. Start smaller and build a good relationship with some trustworthy vendors, then as you see capital reinvest. Best of luck!
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    i definitely wouldnt invest more than $500 at a time as there's always testing needed. this could be a really costly mistake if you don't have a reliable source of providers. im sure it's easier to build a list doing it another way.
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    Invest in BOTH the ad blast, ad variation, and tweaking your landing page.

    There are so many variables in play.
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    I would highly advise that we focus on what we can do and invest in the right strategies to enhance what we do.
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    Like said before in this thread, testing and tweaking your funnel is key here.
    There are a lot of crappy solo ad sellers out there. Make sure they are delivering clicks from their list, not facebook or anything.
    But once you find a good seller and your funnel is tweaked to perfection, you are able to build your list for free!
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    I have spent nearly $3,000 for building my list. After 2 months, I break even finally from the solos investment. I see the potential on this business as long as you find good and reliable solo sellers.

    Business is business, that's why I chose to do it, because I know I will "starve" for a few months and then become really rich. hehe.
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    For me, investment in advertisement should be 1:10. It means if I have $10 then I would like to invest only $1 in advertising.

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