I Am Looking For Experienced Affiliate Marketers!

by Chris W. Sutton 0 replies
I belong to several mastermind groups but I am looking to start a mastermind group with a few experienced affiliate marketers. My other MM groups have helped new people learn different things but that is not what this one is for. This one is for helping each other in the group.

You would need to be someone who is experienced in Affiliate Marketing and consistently makes a good income from it. You would also need to be a team player who works well with others.

You would also need to have Skype or be willing to sign up to it for free.

If this is something that interests you, you can PM me via the WF or just reply here!

I don't want anyone thinking I am being elitist or something because that is NOT my intention. I will also be setting up other MM groups that people can join.

Take care and have a great whatever it is wherever you are!
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