Build Backlinks, Attract Traffic up to 1000 per month, then sell ad space on Fiverr

by Jensha
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Actually I don't really know where this is going but the thread title is the working idea.

I've just seen some Fiverr sellers who are doing this. You know, I will post your banner ad in my high traffic website for 2 days for $5. Then for an extra $50 (or $100 perhaps?) I will post your banner advertisement in my high traffic website for 1 month. Of course this depends on the niche so that's given.

I have ads on my website for CPA offers as well but of course I won't be making sales right away so I thought adding some more banners for paid ad space for those who may want to.

Any insight about this? I wasn't able to find any similar thread here about this but if you know one, kindly post it here please.

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