Anyone here own flexsqueeze?

by ProEFI
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If so, can you have multiple squeeze pages on the same domain/site?

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    I think it comes with one of two licenses...

    1 domain


    Multiple domains

    So, you could probably do and then have another one on , and still be within the licence.
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    Does anyone here have a live example of a squeeze page created by flexsqueeze?
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    Here is a quick review site I created using Flexsqueeze:

    Online Gambling Hub

    I love how fast I can build sites with Flexsqueeze.
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      Funny - I've been hovering over the buy button for it today. I hadn't used flexibility2 theme before so I downloaded it and I've been playing with that today.

      From what I have seen, it's designed to only have one squeeze page on each site by using the 'static home page' feature on wordpress as the squeeze, and the theme stops it from having the usual blog links/widgets showing on that page only.

      But there's nothing stopping you installing multiple blogs - each one in a directory/subdomain - but that would be a bit overkill and you might as well just make normal html squeeze pages for a multi-squeeze site.

      Roger Davis

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        Hi Grover,

        Thanks for that. Sorry for the duff info proEFI

        Hi intrepreneur,

        What do you think of it? I'm liking it. I bought Flexx theme set a month or so ago, but apart from the fancy fading header, it's a lot less versatile than flexibility, and costs a fair bit more too.

        Roger Davis

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          Hi Intrepreneur,

          I see your cracking open a bottle o beer in the pic there, don't forget mine
          Ha! It does look like that. Actually, I'm just holding my finger in the picture, but this is more me -


          Roger Davis

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    yeah thats too bad... multiple squeeze pages on the same site would be a great feature.
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    The latest update does support multiple squeeze pages on one site!
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    Thanks! I didn't see that post.
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    Yeah the latest version does allow that which is really cool. Recently updated my aff marketing blog to FlexSqueeze as well... the LinkWheel in my sig was made with the FlexSqueeze Squeeze page feature if you're looking for an example...

    * Do You REALLY Need A Million Bucks?
    (Three-part crash-course in how to build a "minimalist" business online)

    * My "fix-all" solution to ANY marketing problem
    (whether you don't even have a website... or you're running a multi-million biz)

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    I'm using the free flexibility theme and out of all the themes I've looked at(and tried), this one is by far the nicest for me. I'm going to buy the squeezeflex version!
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    Yeah ... I got one here that's live
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      If you mean the big sections near the top and bottom, then it's within -

      Appearance>Flexibility Theme Options>Optional Feature Section>Display Optional Feature

      If you mean the one at the very bottom, if you examine the code it explains in the comments that you can't remove the go link without buying the commercial use package - that link is how he earns his money from the theme.

      It also has analytics tracking built in (which slows down load time) which is one of the reasons why I am considering buying flexsqueeze.

      You don't get 'owt for nowt...

      Roger Davis

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    Yes I believe so what I have seen so far. this also means that you cannot seperate the price from your first page.
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