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hi friends,

needed urgent help here. i am getting this error after every 10 days in Google Webmaster.
saying "Over the last 24 hours, Googlebot encountered 56 errors while attempting to connect to your site. Your site's overall connection failure rate is 12.7%."

i tried everything , but dont know how still webmaster gives this error..??? i am using Godaddy hosting plan (shared Hosting) .

Because of this errors , my visits are gone way down something like ****/day to **/ day.

Need help in solving this...

thank you.
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    Originally Posted by scoupons View Post

    i am using Godaddy hosting plan (shared Hosting) .
    Stop right there. Use a different host. If you look around, you'll see that a lot of people have had problems with Godaddy.

    I'd look into other hosting companies. I'm using StableHost right now, although I haven't had a problem with HostGator either (when I did use them).


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    You problem is GoDaddy. They suck.

    I used them, and cancelled the contract because of this inconsistent performance.

    Obviously something is preventing the Googlebot from finding your site - such as the server being overloaded.
    I always found that it happened at a particular time every day, and did a reverse domain lookup to find the number of domains on the server. When you find that number - I think you will understand why

    I moved to Hostgator - bloody excellent - have loads of sites of my own with them, on the same account - no issues at all, and great customer service.
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    Obviously your problem is the hosting service. Even I got an error on webmaster as crawl error. I used the Google bot code and pasted the code in my Blogger blog and soon after 24 hours, my problem was resolved.

    This problem may slow down your blog page views. For example, you can check the page views in your hosting site and compare those with your AdSense page views. I'm sure your AdSense page views will be very low compared to your hosting site.
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    Sounds like you need to switch hosting ASAP. I would also recommend Hostgator; I've never had any problems with them.
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    Do you have a maintenance mode plugin? I get it every 10 days because I am building my content and google can't get in. I turn off maintenance mode, use the email link and resubmit the site and then lock her back down for another 10 days.
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    Godaddy last year had a terrible problem with domain DNS. Many sites went down because of that.
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    LOL so many different answers your head spinning yet?

    I recommend checking the robot text file
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    hey all ,

    thank you for your responses.. i dont have ny maintainance plugin .. also. robot and DNS have no issues. there are 10-15 404 errors though but those are easily fixable n i havent seen them affecting performance badly..

    Changing Godaddy would really mean NIGHTMARE ?? i mean how will this affect current indexed pages and stuff..

    ny feedback on this.?
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      Check: robot file, .htaccess file, also do you have content protected by password?
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    @Luis Vaugier..

    one thing i noticed is in robot file , WP-content and WP-includes are disallowed.. which is i think perfectly fine right?
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    yeah im heard in other forums that godaddy hosting sucks. i have only used them to buy domains. stick with hostgator as their customer service is amazing.
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