150,000 + Unique Visitors, How To Start Monetizing Website?

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Hey guys, my website now gets 150K + unique visitors per month, out of curiosity what are some good and effective ways to monitize your sites without using adsense (I hate Google lol). Any suggestions?
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    Affiliate banners

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    Well, pick a few product according to the niche of your site, the rotate your ads, see which get the highest sales.

    If the conversion is low, probably you will need to take time to study what your visitor need.
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    That's some amazing work there buddy! Well done for that!

    Out of curiosity, what is the site about? A link would be awesome. I find it interesting to see what other warriors are succeeding in

    All the best, Joe Crosbie
    I chose entrepreneurship over further education despite being laughed at by my friends and family..

    I recently hit the "RESTART" button on my life, read my personal blog to find out how I did it :)
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    What is the site about? Just a guess - is it a celeb fan site??

    Also, IF adsense is not gonna ban you, why not give it a go, its one of the highest paying network.
    So what if you hate google, +90% people here already have a love-hate relation with the big g
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    It really depends on what the site is about, and what the visitors come to your site for. If they're looking for free information, you still could make money from it, but if they're coming to buy something, then you'll make a lot more

    Hating Google whilst a nice idea, might also be detrimental to your financial health. Just don't put all your eggs in the G basket....

    Martin Platt

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    Wow!! Great work. Can you share your tricks with me please? What is your site about? May be it's about making money or fan site or health site.

    Man...I tried working harder and harder but after 1 year, I used to get views about 60-100 per day. If you don't mind, please send me a message on tips for getting at least 1000 page views per day.
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    what countries is your main traffic from?
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    Do you have your visitors' emails? Sell your list through solo ads. Promote them affiliate offers if suitable
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    Build a list related about your niche! Then promote products related to your niche. This will be your long term income if you know how to control your list.
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    I've called in the only consultant who can help:

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  • Damn... how'd you get that many unique vistors? I think that even if you don't like it, Adsense is a good place to start. You can use ads like Amazon or whatever and make affiliate commissions off of that, or just generally promote products on your site that relate. Build a list.
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    Email marketing after opt in

    Review style affiliates
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    See what's working for the niche, experiment with every monetizing method, with every ad placement possibilities, see what works, and you're good.
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    Ovesly dude go for Adsense why wasting your time asking here ?
    For Only Real Facebook Likes, Youtube Views & Twitter Followers
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    There are lots of ways but from my perspective I would say to build your list and market to that list affiliate offers, cpa offers, or your own product. Not sure what niche you're in but you can rarely go wrong building a list.
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    Why not Adsense? Heck my blog is near dormant - about 10-20 visitors a day (and some reason more from the Ukraine than the US) - and I earn about 4-7 cents a day from that.
    with 150,000 adsense would be a goldmine.
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    Ive worked on getting into adreactor.com, got denied the first time because my traffic wasnt quite steady enough, however, now that im starting to pull a really good stream of about 7K uniques per day, I should be able to get into their program.
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    Hey King ..

    As mentioned above ... try to make a list too ... with the google changing rules everyday you never know when the traffic disappears so make the most out of it now and make a good list ....

    With these traffic stats i think every network will accept you ...
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    Originally Posted by SEO Teammate View Post

    Hey guys, my website now gets 150K + unique visitors per month, out of curiosity what are some good and effective ways to monitize your sites without using adsense (I hate Google lol). Any suggestions?
    could you pls show me your site? we would love to buy placement on your site for our game offer, we can discuss more on skype?
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    He posted his site above. It was the free youtube converter. You are probably going to have a tough time selling products on that site. I suggest ads of some sort. As much as you hate google, adsense does pay well if used correctly.

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    and my website page with info about my memoir of mental illness.

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