Has Anyone Tried Article Marketing?

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I'm considering using article marketing for my next endeavor. Has anyone profited by writing articles? I was told that it's inexpensive and profitable. Please let me know how it's worked for you. Thanks.
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    I guess it depends on how you're using it. If you're using it to build links, I'd say that it's not as effective as it was before the Google algorithm updates.

    If you're doing it to directly drive traffic, then that's down to the quality of the article you use.

    For me, this sort of thing isn't something I'd be doing, because it takes too long to see results. I'd prefer to have something that you could do, and almost immediately measure results - means you can improve much quicker, and be much surer that what you 'tweaked' was the thing that improved the results. So that, in case you were wondering, would be paid traffic.

    I've been the 'free' route - it does work, but takes a long time. If for example, you use this method and it takes a few months to work, then something happens in the search engines, to reduce their effectiveness, you've spent all that time, got no results, and are no better off. That's too much of a gamble in my eyes.
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      Originally Posted by joseph7384 View Post

      No, it's such a new concept that nobody here has tried it yet.:rolleyes:
      Lol, he asked "Has anyone tried article marketing?"

      I guess he/she should titled as "has anyone with any success in article marketing".
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      Originally Posted by joseph7384 View Post

      No, it's such a new concept that nobody here has tried it yet.:rolleyes:
      I just can add...LOL!
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    I'd focus on video marketing with youtube and image marketing with Pinterest.

    As for article marketing, hmmmm, its not what it used to be.
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    my first CB sale are from article marketing, but i share the article to document sharing not article directory

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    I got some sign ups to programs by publishing articles on some business social networks. In many cases, they are published as soon as you submit them, although I have seen recently such a site that gives the option to ask for approval by their team, if you choose that option, and the article is approved, it will get more visibility on the site.
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    For link building they are still useful but the value passed to your site has been massively devalued over the years. If you are just looking for free traffic they still work, I get a few 1000 free visitors a month from them to my sites.

    All In One Advertising Online www.Adacross.com

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    Large numbers of Warriors make our full-time livings from article marketing.

    Article marketing isn't an SEO-based method: it's a traffic attraction method in its own right, which transcends search engine traffic. Its great advantage is its potential to attract already-targeted, non-search-engine visitors.

    Here's a one-post overview of "how article marketing works".

    This thread also contains a lot of information and links about article marketing.

    Originally Posted by jiminic2 View Post

    I was told that it's inexpensive and profitable.
    It can be, if you have the appropriate skill-set to be able to produce articles of the quality required (they're certainly not cheap to buy), to arrange to get them published in the right places, and so on.

    Originally Posted by jiminic2 View Post

    Please let me know how it's worked for you.
    Very successfully indeed.

    Like any other potentially hugely successful business model, it has a real learning-curve.

    Unfortunately it's also a subject about which there's a real plethora of urban myths, misinformation and out-of-date information in circulation.

    Three fairly trivial/obvious but completely valid observations may possibly help to point you in the right direction ...

    (i) Article marketing isn't about how many articles you have: it's about who reads them (i.e. how widely you can get them published in places where pre-qualified traffic is already looking - and that inevitably necessitates a relationship-building process with publishers);

    (ii) Article marketing isn't intrinsically about SEO (though it's true that there can also be some significant off-page SEO benefits arising from it as a small side-benefit, when it's well done);

    (iii) Article directories (or one very well-known one, anyway) can have a (small) place in successful article marketing, but attempting to use multiple article directories, intending to benefit from their own traffic and/or from their own backlinks, is an extremely misguided technique far more likely to do your business harm than good.

    Originally Posted by jiminic2 View Post

    I'm considering using article marketing for my next endeavor.
    Good luck! It's possible that the three points just above, and the four threads linked to above those, may at least set you off on a learning-curve toward something that actually works.
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      i think it's a good way to drive free traffic to your site. to me it's a pretty inexpensive way of doing buisness.

      Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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        Originally Posted by rickwill71 View Post

        i think it's a good way to drive free traffic to your site. to me it's a pretty inexpensive way of doing buisness.
        Inexpensive? Really?
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          Originally Posted by WeavingThoughts View Post

          Inexpensive? Really?
          If you do your own writing and research, along with finding your own syndication partners, then froma financial standpoint real article marketing is free.

          If you have to outsource things, not so much.

          And if you want to waste your money on things like spinners or article directory blasters, the negative ROI can be huge...
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    It was my first attempt at IM.

    I did everything from poorly writing articles by myself and spinning them and also spending tons of money to outsource them with keywords.

    I never got any real results because I didn't know what I was doing.

    Like Alexa said, if you know how to do it right, you can make a full time living from it.

    One of the best examples is Steve Pavlina: Personal Development for Smart People - Steve Pavlina

    He makes a large chunk of money from his articles and they're a one time fixed investment that provides value over and over.
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    Yes as quite a few members have said here is does still work and it can work very well.

    As Alexinfox says, he still gets "a few 1000 free visitors a month".

    That is pretty impressive and the good thing about article marketing if used to drive traffic to your site is that once you have written and submitted your articles, they will keep producing traffic for you month after month and even year after year.

    It is a long term project, but once you have started it is nice to see the traffic keep coming in.

    I have used Isnare in the past, it does cost a few dollars, but what they do is submit your articles to other directories and this is great for link building and bringing in free traffic.

    Your resource box at the bottom of your article is very important.

    If you use it to offer a free guide or ebook then you will find it will attract a lot of visitors to your site and as they sign up for your ebook, you will build a nice list on autopilot.

    you can also start a blog or a hub (hubpages) or lens (squido lens) and use your articles to help build these and have links that are directed back to your main website.

    You can also sell articles if you write them yourself and profit from them. People are always looking for article writers, and it can be a good long term business.

    As other members here have said, Youtube and Pinterest are great for traffic, I have experienced some great traffic from Youtube, it is just such a popular site, but articles are still valuable.

    So for myself I would say that articles are still popular and well worth using.
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    As this thread was about article marketing, I was sure before opening this thread that there will be a post of Alexa here.
    Inexpensive? Really?
    Yes, I also think article marketing is inexpensive compared to other Internet Marketing methods.
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    Perhaps you should read module 12 of the course in your signature???

    Module 12 - Traffic With Article Marketing
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      Yes, I have tried article marketing and believed it could work, provided it's done right. Your article's content matters a whole lot, and it's one of the greatest factors that contributes to its success. It is, however, quite a slow process. I mean, the results are not as fast as anyone would like it to be, and sometimes there are no results at all. Basically, it all depends on the niche you choose, the competition that's already existing, how well your content is created, and how good your marketing strategies are.

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    The internet is being used as a medium to share and gather information. Content marketing definitely still works and it depends on how you do it. As Alexa has mention, it is important to get the right information so that you will take the right action.
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    I like using article marketing when its for a product that has a either a tight niche audience, or one that has a VERY large scale audience.

    For me, it doesn't seem to work too well when it is used to market a product with an audience that's somewhere in the middle.
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      Originally Posted by joseph7384 View Post

      No, it's such a new concept that nobody here has tried it yet.:rolleyes:
      LOL! That's what got me started in internet marketing. I attended a teleseminar and thought, hm, I can do THAT! And turns out, I could. It's not as effective anymore as it used to be, but on the plus side, the low quality articles that used to clog up the system have been removed now, so the good stuff has a chance to do better.

      Originally Posted by workoutstuff1 View Post

      I like using article marketing when its for a product that has a either a tight niche audience, or one that has a VERY large scale audience.

      For me, it doesn't seem to work too well when it is used to market a product with an audience that's somewhere in the middle.
      This is very interesting! I have noticed that some of my most viewed articles aren't the ones that make the most sales, but they do bring people to my articles...

      Also, the word "article" needs to be used a bit more flexibly these days - they can include Squidoo lenses as well as doc sharing sites (as mentioned above) and blog posts.

      Cheap? Depends on how much you value your time... But if you write high quality articles, they do pay off, even if it's sometimes a bit more indirectly.

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    Article marketing is still popular and effective - especially when you put them on your own site. This is the best way to do article marketing these days - especially since the traffic you will get from EzineArticles is around 3-5 per day. As opposed to putting them on your own site... expect hundreds of hits per day with a nice sizable article count.
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    Content is still the king. Content marketing has become important today due to rise of social media. Earlier we had to depend upon our own personal websites to put the content over there. But with the advent of social media and channels, task has become much more easier.
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    Can I ask if you have any experience writing (solid, high quality) content? Know that article marketing is only inexpensive if done by self, and when done in that manner it takes a crap load of time, both to produce the content and then to see results from it. The results (SERP rankings, traffic, profits) depend upon the value you provide to the reader in your article, all your time and effort would have been for not if you didn't do your homework properly or decided to copy paste and rewrite stuff from article directories. You should by all means give it a shot and see what you gain from it if you think it could work for you, but don't go in thinking its going to be easy.

    So, is article marketing cheap? Yes it is probably one of the cheapest ways to get exposure, provided you know how to write content which can arrest people's attention. Is it profitable? Actually campaigns are profitable (or unprofitable), article marketing is just a strategy waiting to be applied properly.

    hope this helps.
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    Article Marketing was my very first venture into IM. I started back in 2005 where "Bum Marketing" was all the rage! I'm sure most of you are familiar with the term "Bum Marketing". I believe it was so named because it was so easy and cheap even a bum off the street could go into a library, jump on a public computer, and make money with it! Of course I could be wrong as there are a few theories flying around about that.

    I remember I bought a cheap ".info" domain, redirected it to a decent Clickbank product in the "anxiety" niche, and started writing articles and submitting them to about 30 or so article directories. I used to write 4 or 5 articles a day and submit them. Now I might write that many in a week. I mostly produce content for my own sites & blogs.

    I made some decent money up until 2007 when I decided to start building a list. Then I quickly found out where the REAL money is!

    I still write and submit a few articles, but now I send all the traffic to my own blogs so I can get readers to do cool things like opt-in to my list and read a product review and click through, etc.

    I know it's also good for SEO.

    I would highly recommend it, as long as you can write good articles and you send the traffic and link juice to your own blogs and websites.
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