Is renting signature file in your 'niche' forum a viable traffic source?

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I read in a free WSO about forum traffic generation.

In it, the author mentioned that if you want to accelerate the process, i.e. skip the process of branding yourself as an authority, you could rent signature file from already active member. It will not be a marketing forum, but a forum of your chosen niche.

Is this still a good traffic generating source? The reason I am asking is that it is banned here in the Warrior Forum. But how about use it with other forum?

What is your view on this?

Thanks for all the input.
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    As always, try and see if it justifies the cost.

    If you can get a REAL authority person on a particular forum, you could get lots of clicks, but unless you have an amazing offer or resource, a REAL authority person wont link to you.

    For them, its more about their reputation than the money you'll give em...

    My advice - try it but build a top quality resource page/content before requesting someone...
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    It is a good source of traffic.

    I guess the traffic would be forthcoming using the established marketers' reputation. The problem would exist once you have the visitor to your site / offer / squeeze, would be converting that traffic. If you're unknown, don't have the experience, that traffic might 'leak' away from you at that point instead.

    So the answer is, if you can get a product that YOU can convert, then it could be worthwhile.
    With that in mind, though, I'd be going for other forms of paid traffic, that are a little bit more predictable, and will allow you to learn, such as solo ads, ppc and ppv.

    Martin Platt

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    Ask yourself WHY a "reputable" member of any forum would be willing to "rent" their signature and risk their reputation, rather than using the sig to sell their own products.

    The answer will tell you what you want to know.
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    If you read this in a wso, I would report it.
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