What's your biggest fear?

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Pour it all out here guys. I want to know what fears/frustrations you feel are holding you back in your business, at any level.

If you had to choose one thing, what would you want fixed forever?

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    addiction to laziness
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    A job.

    F that.

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      Originally Posted by John Romaine View Post

      A job.

      F that.
      You'd have to drag me back kicking and screaming to imprison me inside a cubicle again...
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        My biggest fear is somehow losing all the work I have done on a project.

        I once lost a whole website that I had worked on for three months due to my PC going bust. I lost all the source files for the site and then found out that my web host company had shut down as well. They had emailed me in advance but I missed it amongst all the junk emails I get! My site was lost forever!

        Now I use Carbonite, which is a software that sits on your computer and continuously backs up files to the Carbonite servers in the background. Once all you data is backed up, takes a few days, it scans your PC looking for changed files and backs up any it finds.

        You never have to think I must do a back up. It is going on all the time.

        Hopefully now my fear is unfounded.
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    When the day arrives to host a live webinar
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    My biggest fear is having only one income source and it disappearing. The 9-5 life is not for me.
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    Losing more money than making it. That what holds me back from doing business.
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    What's your biggest fear?
    My laziness
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    My greatest fear is to wake up and finding myself all alone.
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    My darkest fear...is that I will never get to be good enough to survive in IM world. I know a lot of things theoretically, I am still reading about it. Some stuff I understand, some I do not.
    But I keep going :-)
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    That I'll spend a lot of time doing a project, do virtually everything right and then something comes a long and ruins everything that was almost totally unexpected and not really in my control.

    Its happened a few times now so :S
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    I am an optimist type of person.
    Even though I see/take things positively I am also objective.

    So my biggest fear in life is waking up one day losing all the things I have like business and relationships (God, family & friends).
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    Spiders...but seriously in my own business, getting sidetracked is my biggest fear. It is amazing how much time I waste by getting sidetracked.
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    My biggest fear is working at my local grocery store. I have my computer certifications, and i make money from them - plus my business. But if i had to ever quit both... i'd be extremely pissed. Would be even more pissed if i had kids.
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