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Hi all
I wonder if anyone wants to share som tips for e-mail marketing with me, and tell me about if you are using software or an online service to do so. I will also be very thankful for info about which you prefer to use
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    When you say e-mail marketing i presume you are talking about "list building"?
    As far as best software, check here:

    As for tips, methods etc... there are tons of threads about this, maybe you could do some research and if there is a particular topic you don't understand feel free to ask...

    Best way to find threads is:
    Click on search
    Choose advanced search
    Enter "email marketing" or "list building" for example
    Choose "search titles only" from dropdown

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    I "use" email marketing once I'm sure that I'm going to be in a niche for a long time. I use email marketing to send out a initial set of follow-ups then it's broadcasts all the way of ONLY worthy information that in KNOW my niche is interested in.
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      I use video email in 95% of cases. It gives me much better response.

      Happy to share 18 years experience in MLM/IM. Not doing any other work for over 7 years now. Accredited as a coach by 3 companies I worked with after completing a course of education and passing exams. HND in Business, Economics, Accounting, Market Research, Market Development, Management.
      Love to Learn - Love to Teach!

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    • The best advice I heard about email marketing is to send emails that have the following effect:
      1. Know me
      2. Like Me
      3. Trust Me
      4. Buy from Me

      Good luck!
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    Go for online email marketing service. email marketing software might cost you one-time but it going to give you headache in a long-term. Email marketing tips? Value first. Sell later.
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      For most people, using a reputable service is the way to go. I say this as someone who has used a self-hosted software program for years. Unless you're a cash-strapped control freak like I was when I started (I'm still a control freak, and I've been known to pinch a penny until Lincoln got a headache), letting a service provider handle the heavy lifting on the back end while you concentrate on making money is the smart bet.

      As for tips?

      > Treat your list members like the intelligent human beings they are, not a a wallet, credit card or ATM.

      > Even if you're an affiliate, you should have two lists. One for prospects and one for buyers.

      > There are only three ways to increase profits. Get more people to buy, get them to buy more, and get them to buy more often. Most IM types are fixated on the first and pay lip service at best to the other two. Most IM types are also broke. Don't be one of them.
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        Charles and John have already given you what you need. The old adage "the money is in the list" is just classic marketing truth. Every one from LL Bean to The New York Times sell to people who like and trust them.
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